Sage X3 News

Smarter business solutions that help you and your clients

In the highly competitive services sector, time is your most valuable resource. Saving time on administrative, logistical and financial tasks gives you time to focus on other, more important, areas of your business operations. Understanding where to dedicate resources is critical to the success of all service providers and customer satisfaction. Companies need to focus…
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Investing in ERP software for your distribution company

A key part of making your distribution business more profitable and productive is investing in the right ERP software. Balancing business growth and distribution efficiency can be difficult while managing different parts of the business, such as inventory and logistics, customer service, financial forecasting, and marketing. This is what ERP solutions for distribution companies have…
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What’s new on Sage X3 version 12?

Sage X3 2021 R1 (V12 patch 25) is now available The release is loaded with new features and changes to existing functions. Check the online Help for more information on the features list. Finance Bank Fees Ability to enter manual payment adjustments Within the advanced bank statement import process, you can manually enter transactions in…
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ERP Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are transforming businesses across a variety of industries. However, to this day, the primary users of ERP software remain manufacturers. Every step in the manufacturing process of goods can benefit from the introduction of an industry-specific ERP solution. Discrete manufacturing refers to the supply of finished products that are distinct…
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The New Way Forward in ERP: Sage Enterprise Management

At Lorge, we want to enable you to work differently. What this means is working more efficiently, streamlining you’re your business processes and ultimately empowering you to have a more cohesive, modern business practice. As your business partner, we are here to help catapult your business forward by giving you software solutions that are faster,…
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