Smarter business solutions that help you and your clients

In the highly competitive services sector, time is your most valuable resource. Saving time on administrative, logistical and financial tasks gives you time to focus on other, more important, areas of your business operations. Understanding where to dedicate resources is critical to the success of all service providers and customer satisfaction.

Companies need to focus their attention on resource management, project delivery and customer service. By integrating smart business solutions into your operations, companies are able to digitise and automate a variety of administrative and logistical requirements that would have, previously, drained time and resources.

For example, Sage’s Finance and X3 Business Solutions are designed to support services businesses like yours, allowing you to optimise your daily operations and giving you the opportunity to focus on delivering extraordinary customer experience. Here are some of the advantages of investing in smarter business solutions for you and your clients:

Increase your billable hours

Whether your company has 50 employees or 5000, you will be able to boost automation, increase productivity and streamline workflows with smart business solutions, ERP software and financial management tools, like Sage X3. Having all of your financial and administrative data stored and managed via the Cloud, gives employees access to important information and tools that help them focus on service delivery and meeting client needs.

Guarantee client satisfaction

Smart business solutions are a holistic approach to data analytics and resource management that gives insight into employee, financial and operational performance. Your employees need the time, resources and access available through smart business solutions to ensure profitability from every client interaction. A satisfied client will always be better for your business and being known for great customer service is a great reputation to build.

Make your business more agile and flexible

Having flexible business processes and real-time analytics will allow all types of professional services the ability to adapt very quickly to changing market pressures and client demands. In the modern digital age, your business needs the agility and flexibly to keep up with the ever-evolving markets you compete in.

Enable better team cooperation

Employees, projects and teams are commonly spread across multiple sites or throughout an office building. This means that keeping everyone on the same page can be tough, but it is critically important. Each department and employee will need to be working off the same accurate, up-to-date and accessible information. These cloud-based business tools and data analytics enable better team cooperation and real-time collaboration across your company.

Future-proof your professional services business

Embrace cloud-based and mobile technologies that are transforming the services sector for the better. IoT devices and online management tools will allow professional services firms to deliver world-class services to their clients for many years to come. These smart business technologies are easily adaptable and built to evolve alongside ever-changing market environments and client expectations.

Ensure company-wide compliance

With smarter financial management tools and business solutions becoming available, companies can organise workflows and set notifications to ensure every employee follows their correct procedures. By guaranteeing company-wide compliance with your business practices and other regulations, your customer service and finance teams will stick to their set tasks and become more efficient in their daily operations, while working more cooperatively.

Improve your business’s financial management

Improving cash-flow and effectively managing payments into – and out of – your business will have a wide range of benefits that increase daily productivity, operational performance and customer services. Manage billing, revenue, wages and more with Sage’s financial management solutions and keep up to date with every payment, every time. Digital financial management tools give your company greater visibility into payments and transactions across your business.

Make more informed business decisions

When you have a clear overview of your business, via a central online hub, you gain actionable insights and usable data that helps executives and managers make faster and more informed business decisions. Improved decision-making capabilities will help services businesses make company-wide improvements, like accelerating project delivery, increasing profits margins and focusing on customer service and experience.

Stay ahead of your competitors with advanced financial management and business solutions by Sage.

With Sage, it’s easy to compete and thrive in the complex and fast-moving professional services industry. Consider Sage’s financial management and business solutions for your company, contact Lorge today and speak with one of our brilliant consultants.