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Financial services is one of the most dynamic industries due to everchanging legislation, increased product and service offerings, and intense competition. Industry consolidation, increasing regulation, determined competition, and sophisticated customers raise both challenges and opportunities for your financial institution. To capitalise on the opportunities, you need effective software that boosts your ability to manage growth, control costs, and respond rapidly to change.

Financial services software is directly related to the flexibility and scalability of your enterprise systems. Adaptable business software allows for a focus on cost reduction, sales efficiency, product and service differentiation, and customer advocacy. It is essential for managing high growth and exponential increases in business data. It is also critical for integration to other systems that ensures the smooth running of your operations and “at-your-fingertips” information.

At Lorge, we keenly understand the need for business to extract optimal value from their software. That is why we provide financial services software to help businesses in credit union, banking, investment, insurance, brokerage, title and other financial services institutions to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic and competitive environment.

Financial Services Software

Financial Services Software Key Processes

  • Trade geographically in multiple currencies and languages.
  • Easily manage, consolidate financials for multiple companies.
  • Easily estimate and track project and job cost.
  • Budget forecast per task and project.
  • Record of all project reviews and adjustments.
  • Multiple invoicing methods.
  • Connect with your customers.
  • Streamline your financial operations with financial accounting software.
  • Manage front, middle and back office data integration.
  • Budget, procure and manage your costs efficiently.
  • Analyse and gain insight into your performance.

These processes maximum efficiency and a fully connected enterprise that is financially organised and primed for business success. Lorge is the market-leading provider of ERP solutions for the financial services industry that understands the importance of automating and optimising these processes.

A powerful financial services software solution is the foundation to help you integrate your financial, accounting and customer relationship activities in a streamlined and accurate way. A comprehensive ERP solution will improve productivity, collaboration and slash the time and cost of complex accounting and financial processes along the way.