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Whether you are a new customer investing in Sage ERP or an existing client looking to ‘lift and shift’ your Sage application from your on-premise servers to the cloud, the all-new Sage on Azure allows SME’s to accelerate the speed at which they do business, with the flexibility of the cloud. Sage applications in the cloud enable businesses to work anywhere, anytime and on almost any device! With Sage on Azure, small and medium businesses can now pave the way to digitally revolutionising their business operations by streamlining infrastructure, delivering cost savings and focusing on value-add customer experiences.

Sage on Azure offering

This offering includes SQL, Sage, and People soft WEB server – Managing a Sage environment may be difficult for the average business when IT is not its core focus. These mundane tasks can be eliminated when leveraging it through this new approach from a cloud perspective. Sage on Azure offers businesses a unique solution that ensures high availability, ease of accessibility, cost reduction from a hardware and software perspective and many more benefits.

These solutions and their added benefits are for all business types in all industries. Sage on Azure is the ultimate business solution that does not limit businesses with the option to enable auto scalability, ensuring that your business runs optimally at any time of the month.

Now small-to mid-sized enterprise businesses can leverage the power of ERP and CRM workloads with this cloud-only deployment. Simply deploy your Sage solution to run cloud agnostic, which will help your business move faster, do more, and save money. Businesses can utilise the power of Azure in a way that best suits the business’s exact needs.

Sage on Azure

What is Sage on Azure?

Sage on Azure is the next iteration in minimising your IT landscape. It helps move a businesses’ IT expenditure to an operational cost, which can be manage monthly, thus taking all accountabilities and moving it to qualified and credible people that understand how to do it. Sage on Azure is built to make life easier, giving businesses more time to focus on their core functions while we handle the rest.

Experience a wide range of benefits with Sage on Azure:

  • More cost effective. One monthly cost.
  • World-wide access to Azure.
  • Secure firewall on the Azure Cloud.
  • Sage now a complete ‘off the shelf product’
  • Accessible through multiple platforms such as IPSEC, VPN, RDP, or whichever way you feel most comfortable with.
  • Enable backup and disaster recovery fast and seamlessly.

Additional Benefits

  • SLA for 99.95% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft
  • Acquire and deploy hardware in just a few hours
  • Manage peak and Elastic demand in a digital world
  • Enable Rapid Business transformation and intelligent operations
  • Easily scale up (or scale down) different Sage / Test / Dev / Production Environments
  • Deploy faster Cloud-Based services
  • Shift capex to capex – Focus more on projects that drive impact for the business
  • Enables world-class security monitoring through pro-active activities
  • Rationalise IT Investments and reduce operating costs

Your business can continue to use the Sage tools and applications it is already familiar wit to bring greater business efficiencies. Sage on Azure allows for the discovery of new lines of business with the IoT (the internet of things) and use it to help re-imagine and identify new business opportunities. Watch your business gain district business value through speed and flexibility to support new business initiatives.

Sage on Azure – Doing what we do best so that your business can do what it does, better.