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Choosing the right ERP for your business is an important step to get right. But as every business operates differently, it’s also important to find an ERP solution that works for your unique retail business.

The Retail landscape has changed drastically over the years and is continuously changing as new technologies, systems and channels are launched. One important concept of retail today is omnichannel, which is more than just a buzzword – it’s now considered as a way of life for retailers.

The idea of offering seamless shopping experiences no matter how a customer has heard of you, or whatever channel they’ve used to buy on.

Therefore, it is important for your ERP to support all your sales channels. This support should be more than just the downloading of orders; your ERP system should update your inventory levels in real-time and update channels with relevant shipping information. Ideally, integrations to your various channels should be fully supported by your ERP vendor, rather than a third-party, in the case where you need help understanding how the integrations work.

Avoid down-time and unnecessary costs in a demanding, around-the-clock retail world. With Lorge, you can rest assured knowing that your point of sale and ERP are delivered and supported through one business and solution.

You can help complete your customers’ successful shopping experience and keep them loyal and committed to the Retail experience – providing a seamless, engaging and personalised encounter. Retail software provides value, flexibility, convenience, satisfaction and accurate, and detailed product information, instantly.

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