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The hospitality industry is fast-paced environment that requires extensive compliance to legislative requirements.

ERP for the Hospitality Industry will assist with day-to-day transaction in each department and generate an error-less MIS report. These reports are essential to understanding and managing your business more effectively. The automation within a modern ERP system will make data capture easy, saving your business time and effort, as well as providing accurate business data.

With the right ERP system, you maintain cost centres to your expenses and income. It also allows your business to easily manage multiple cost centres as business segments and consolidate the data at once. You can easily allocate the expenses and income into multiple cost centres automatically by defining the percentages at the master level, as well as set up the stock and non-stock items into the ERP system and utilise them at every process.

Another important feature of ERP software is simple and compliant payroll software that allows you to focus on running your business rather than spending long hours doing data entry. One of the other advantages of ERP software is that it easily integrates with the other applications being run and populates the data as and when required.

Industries that benefit from our business management and intelligence solutions

Hospitality & Hotel Management Services Software

Enjoy the Simplicity of

  • Automated award rates for hospitality
  • Multiple pay frequencies
  • Integration with accounting software, Point-of-Sales systems, time clocks, rostering and more

To maintain your competitive edge, your business needs to invest in an effective ERP system
that maps the business processes and generates positive outcomes based on comprehensive data.

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