Optimise Business Processes with Sage X3

Let me introduce you to Joe.

Joe is an executive at a large engineering and construction organisation.

Their revenue is derived largely from multiple construction projects. Joe is elated as he realises that the influx of projects precedes a healthy bottom line. However, Joe has challenge with Project Management wholistically. Procurement processes are done manually, thus leading to abuse and lack of accountability. The organisation faces a challenge in monitoring of immovable Assets like machinery, maintenance requirement and spare part or stock management of such spares. Lack of proper project management tool makes it difficult for Management to monitor project workflows and milestones, thus creating unnecessary escalations and costs that they haven’t budgeted for.

An ERP consultant who truly understands your business ,will be able to make a recommendation on the solution to adequately optimise business processes – creating organisational efficiency.


  • Financial Reporting
  • Project management
  • Cashflows
  • Procurement processes

Book your obligation free consultation and allow us to map your business process and advise on the best project management solution for your Engineering business today.