Welcome to a world without limits: Sage Enterprise Management

Is your business ready to move beyond the traditional boundaries of ERP? Any ERP solution helps provide an overall view of an organization’s financial well-being but with Sage Enterprise Management you can do this and more, without limits. Here’s why:

Evolving Forward

As the move towards the digital space continues to evolve, so too should your business processes and software solutions. Businesses that remain attached to their old, manual solutions inevitably fall behind and lose their competitive edge. To transcend traditional boundaries, Sage Enterprise Management has evolved to help you.

It offers your users a fully web-based and mobile responsive software solution. All users are provided with secure web and mobile access to the systems, anywhere, anytime. Beyond that, users are able to easily personalise their interface to suit their particular needs and preferences.

This cloud-based solution results in your business being able to access constant visibility of every business processes in one central location. Any update by a user will automatically be available across the entire unified system. This fosters a work environment that is collaborative, but above all, streamlined and efficient.

Companies looking to take back control of operations and scale with minimal overhead costs choose Sage Enterprise Management as their enterprise business management solution, enabling them to grow because it helps your business to grow without limits, enabling you to increase capacity, manage many more clients and expand to new geographies from one central system.

Why it’s different

Sage Enterprise Manager gives you a world of option. It supports management of distributed and international operations – multiple languages, currencies and legislations. Think multiple multis – multi-company, multi-site, multi-manufacturing mode, multi-ledger and multi-legislations. What this means for your business is the ability to expand and grow without limits. You gain the flexibility to manage your businesses processes no matter what changes occur in the short or long term.

Where Sage Enterprise Management really transcends its competitors is its ability to be scalable without disruption. You want to implement a software solution that can evolve and grow alongside your business. Your ERP’s ability to adapt to change is exceptionally important considering the pace of doing business today.

As your business’s needs increase, Sage Enterprise Management can easily manage data processing across many servers. Through its open architecture companies are provided a choice of operating systems, databases, network environment, and deployment options. Your users will be able to easily switch from one platform to another without impacting the functionality. Beyond this, as your company grows and hires more people, your ERP system will need to accommodate more users. Most ERP solutions allow for this but the cost and ease of this can vary drastically.

Sage Enterprise Management is not the ordinary ERP solution you have come to know and expect. It seamlessly and effortlessly improves productivity and increases efficiency in ways without the traditional limitations. Moving towards a system solution like this may mean it is the last time you ever migrate your system, no matter how large your company grows. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch with Lorge today to start planning your migration towards a world without limits.