What’s new on Sage X3 version 12?

Sage X3 2021 R1 (V12 patch 25) is now available

The release is loaded with new features and changes to existing functions. Check the online Help for more information on the features list.


  • Bank Fees Ability to enter manual payment adjustments
    Within the advanced bank statement import process, you can manually enter transactions in the Process bank transactions function (GESBSIMTC) to account for bank fees related to processing check payments.
  • Bank account management Segregation of duty
    To manage seg regation of duties and follow the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act security rules and best practices, two parameters control bank account entry authorization. These parameters are in the TRS chapter, AUZ group, and operate independently of one another.
  • Payment remittance approval Segregation of duty
    At the payment type level, you can decide if payment approval is required to process a payment and create a bank file. Approval is authorized at the user level. A bank file can only be created for payments where no authorization is required or for approved payments for manual and automatic remittances.
  • Outbound bank file management: CSV file support
    In Bank file definition (GESTFB), you can select CSV as the Format type. With this format, you can enter a F ield separator and a Field delimiter. When the output file is generated through the bank file generation process, these are automatically applied to the fields defined as records. You can also use Header and Footer and Detail line definition as needed. You no longer need to manually define field separators as part of the Fixed length type definition.
  • Outbound bank file management: splitting of files
    In Payment entry types (GESTPY), you can create multiple bank files from one remittance group by selecting one of three splitting criteria: one file per payment method, per currency or due date.
  • Revenue recognition Miscellaneous improvements
    In the Revenue recognition rule function (GESREVREC), you can use the Multiple selection option from the Account root/list field to define accounts for Actual revenue and/or Actual cost Column types. A new window opens that lists all accounts in the main general ledger or main general analytical ledger according to the calculation basis chosen. You can select as many accounts as you need with no character limits and you can export the list of accounts to Excel.
  • South Africa (ZAF)
    Cashbook menu item In the A/P A/R accounting module, cashbook related functions are organized under the Bank transactions > Cashbo ok menu.


  • Orders not put back to credit hold after lines added
    The Sales order function (GESSOH) has been modified to return a sales order released from credit hold back to credit hold if the value of the order is increased, or a new line is ad ded to the order when the SCDTUNL Authorization to unlock order parameter (VEN chapter, AUZ group) is set to No.

Project management

  • Progress billing
    A new invoicing process Progress billing has been introduced for companies working in a Project management context needing to bill a project according to its progress. Progress billing uses the estimated progress percentage or quantity tracked at the project level, budget level or task level for scheduled invoices to determine the amount to bill customers
  • Automated Test Platform
    The Sage X3 Automated Test Platform simplifies Sage X3 upgrades and configurations and minimizes manual testing. Scalable and extensible to support ever changing real world scenarios it delivers an Intelligent automated testing platform.