B-BBEE Management Software Solutions

The BEE123 B-BBEE Management Software System is a market-leading business solution that provides powerful and cost-effective software and services.

With BEE123 your business will be able to easily track, plan, manage and implement your B-BBEE. Supported by a complete range of tools, software, directories, information, training interventions and advisory services this software will facilitate strategic and meaningful transformation. Tried and tested in the market for nearly a decade, BEE123 is used by hundreds of SA’s leading businesses to establish and sustain trusted relationships.

  • Market Leading B-BBEE Scorecard Software
  • Advanced Supplier Management & Directory
  • Advisory, Consulting & Strategy Sessions
  • Implementation & Software Training

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B-BBEE Management Software Features

Scorecard Calculator

It is easier than ever to understand your B-BBEE score prior to audit. Enter a few numbers, and the BEE123 Scorecard Calculator does the rest for you.

Integration Tool

The Integration Tool allows you to move your relevant B-BBEE data (accounting or payroll & HR systems) with ease from other systems.

Document Management

No more paper-based BEE files. Collate and store all the required supporting documentation with the online Document Management System.


Gain a real-time visual overview of your current B-BBEE scorecard achievements. Live graphs and tables populate the Dashboard to give you a visual summary.

YES Management Tools

Systematically forecast, track and manage your YES Programs, including: YES Calculator, Subminimum Thresholds Tracking, YES Youth Categorization and Skills Development Functionality.

Reporting Tool

Visually assess your B-BBEE achievements using the Reporting Tool. Through a variety of graphs, charts and tables it allows you to graphically depict your B-BBEE compliancy. This is an invaluable aid for reporting on compliancy to management.

Information Capture Sheets

Capture all your BEE activities and interventions directly into the BEE123 Software and this information will automatically be consolidated, tabulated and fed directly into the Scorecard Calculator. Easily capture granular level information required for B-BBEE audits (e.g. individuals sent on training courses, employee details and levels, ED and SED Beneficiaries and contributions etc.).

Supplier Manager Module

Easily track B-BBEE Certification validation and expiry with Advanced Supplier Manager Module (ASMM) to better manage your suppliers. This automated system helps you manage the Preferential Procurement element. With access to the database of thousands of suppliers, and the ability to invited suppliers not already listed, your business is relieved of administratively wasteful tasks of manually collecting and inputting this data.

Gap Analysis & Own Target Set

The Gap Analysis and Own Target Set highlights shortfalls or over-performance. It converts complex percentage targets into practical measurement indicators such as Rand Values or headcount targets so you can measure performance relative to specified targets.

Scenario Planning

The Scenario Planning Tool will help you to make more informed business decisions. It will show you how your B-BBEE Score will be affected based on your potential decisions (e.g. hiring a new employee, spending money training your staff, supporting Enterprise Development and Supplier Development projects etc.).

Consolidation Tool

The BEE123 Consolidation Tool allows you to assess B-BBEE performance at an individual or group level. It consolidates multiple entities or division’s scorecards based on sophisticated rules selection functionality, allowing you to determine and specify the appropriate consolidation rules and methodology given your specific structure.

Always Online

BEE123 is an online system that requires no installation hassle or upgrades. Simply login and you will be automatically working on the latest version of the software. It is a safe and secure software solution that immediately updates the latest EAP Figures, Industry Norms, DTI updates and legislative amendments.

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