Payroll and HR News

How advanced HR and payroll systems aid your business

Digital technology has changed every aspect of business. It has become the pivot in today’s corporate world. This doesn’t mean the human element has lost its importance. The HR Function plays an important role in the success of an organisation. In today’s world, the HR Function too can benefit from automation. ERP systems include human…
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Why you need HR software

At Lorge we provide solutions to give your company the competitive edge. From management to analytics to staff training, we have the expertise to advise and assist you with all your needs. Generally speaking, HR software will allow you to effectively manage payroll, benefits, attendance records, and timestamps. When it comes to HR and payroll management,…
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How to empower your staff with smarter HR

Introduction HR is perhaps one of the most crucial functions within any business as HR practitioners are responsible for the welfare of your employees. Managing employees can be time-consuming, regardless of the scope and size of your company. Whether you run a mid-sized or large brand with hundreds of employees, it’s important to never underestimate…
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