Why you need HR software

At Lorge we provide solutions to give your company the competitive edge. From management to analytics to staff training, we have the expertise to advise and assist you with all your needs. Generally speaking, HR software will allow you to effectively manage payroll, benefits, attendance records, and timestamps. When it comes to HR and payroll management, there is no better option for your business than Sage 300 People. This is because Sage is the leading developer and support provider of HR and payroll management software and services in Africa, with over 56 000 companies throughout the continent use Sage HR and Payroll software.

Is Sage 300 People for you?

Sage 300 People has been developed specifically for large to enterprise-sized businesses. This solution will suit companies seeking a natural migration path of their existing systems or wanting a system that will co-exist with BMS or other applications. With Sage 300 People, you can break free from legacy systems with a system that offers more detailed and complex functionalities than those previously available in Africa. This is also an affordable software system as it does not involve the huge cost in custom-built systems. Sage 300 People offers you an agile, cost-effective, innovative solution with world-class capabilities, including improving your productivity, empowering your employees and keeping you in control of your business processes.

Improve productivity through integration

If you have been manually handling your HR operations, then you know how much time is spent processing employee information. This is often because your business may have three or more HR systems in place. HR software will undoubtedly help you to reduce time wastage on these manual entries through integration. HR software combines different systems and processes, integrates them into one centralised platform that is easily accessible and most importantly, automated.

HR software will thus reduce your administrative costs and investing in such software may even negate the need to hire an HR administrator. This improvement in efficiency ultimately increases your business’ productivity as you prevent the wasting of time and resources that result in poorly integrated systems. What improved integration means for your bottom line is a reduction of costs. A smart HR software solution provide your business with all the tools it needs to drive HR in an integrated way.

Sage 300 People integrates seamlessly with:

  • Sage Evolution product stack
  • Sage 300
  • Sage SkillsMap
  • Sage Pay

Empower your employees

Your staff are your most valuable asset and it should be a top priority to keep them happy. It is far more cost effective to develop and grow your staff instead of recruit new hires. HR software will help you to do this through efficient management that is automated and integrated.

Sage 300 People modules deliver a logical extension to the core payroll application to form a fully integrated HR information system, allowing you to manage employees throughout the employee life cycle. You can keep track of all employee data such as the performance of your employees and the training courses they have attended.

Beyond this, you will be granting your employees the opportunity to work to their full potential. This is done by giving them access to the information they require to make informed decisions and help grow your business. Empowered and motivated employees  are paramount in continuing the growth of your business. HR software also increases collaboration between all employees and can create better services for staff and at the end of the day for your clients.

A software system like Sage 300 People gives your employees the ability to apply for leave, manage their claims and personal details like bank accounts and next-of-kin information, view current and previous payslips and tax certificates, print selected reports, complete a performance review, and much more.  It also enables line managers to interact with their teams and conduct performance reviews and surveys.

Stay in control

HR software should be customisable and should grow with your business in order to give you agility and a competitive edge. You also want a system that gives you stability and insight so you can make strategic and informed business decisions about your company. Managing your resources, meeting compliance requirements and reducing costs are priorities for your business.

While your business focusses on these goals, Sage 300 People helps you along the way. It is an HR and payroll system that grows with you and helps you stay in control. This innovative software solution will help you stay informed on the ever-changing social regulations. It will also establish best HR practices, automate back-office processes and help you achieve a global view of your HR budget. This software is essential in anticipating changes in your organisation and how to best deal with them.

At Lorge, we believe Sage 300 People is an integrated HR & payroll system that will increase your productivity, drive growth and empower your staff. This powerful and highly customisable solution makes business insights accessible to all your employees saving you time and money to take care of your business. Get in touch today if you would like to consider implementing this invaluable HR software.