The New Way Forward in ERP: Sage Enterprise Management

At Lorge, we want to enable you to work differently. What this means is working more efficiently, streamlining you’re your business processes and ultimately empowering you to have a more cohesive, modern business practice. As your business partner, we are here to help catapult your business forward by giving you software solutions that are faster, simpler and more flexible.

Here are a couple reasons why Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage x3) is the right business management solution for companies from 50 to 5000 employees, subsidiaries of a group, international companies, and companies with a strong growth in mining, manufacturing, distribution and services industries.

Work Faster and Simpler

Sage Enterprise Management runs your business faster than ever before, with a cohesive, enterprise-class solution to manage all of your core business processes. From purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service, and financials both locally and internationally. With Sage Enterprise Management, every step of the way, you get a faster understanding into the cost and performance of your business operations. This also happens in real-time, so you have constant visibility of your business processes.

Sage Enterprise Management offers your business a simplified user-experience and is highly cost-effective compared to its competitors as it is fully web based and supports HTML5 specification. Enterprise Management adapts to your unique preferences and workflow. It takes out the complexity by delivering a simplified and cohesive suite of applications that manage your business.  This ERP system offers you a simple design with deep and broad first-class functionality that’s simple to implement and use.

Work in a More Flexible, Functional and Financially Sound Way

With flexible configuration options, Sage Enterprise Management supports your unique business processes. This flexibility ensures that your software can grow and evolve with your business, as well as being capable of reacting to unpredictable circumstances and even a total overhaul of your business model.

Sage Enterprise Management is the business management solution that helps you to stay on top of change and ahead of the competition by supporting your current business processes but all the while offering you the ability to easily adapt to any possible changes in the future. With open architecture, you can easily connect additional applications and with the development toolset you can fully customise your routine.

It provides most of the advanced features as standard. This means that your ROI is optimised from implementation forward. While many software solutions promise affordability, they often fall short as you need to buy additional products to support your ERP. However, Sage Enterprise Management is specifically designed to reduce implementation time and customisation.

Work in an Integrated Way

If your software solutions are disconnected, inefficiencies start to creep in. This is because manual data entry and data duplication affect employee productivity, which in turn affects the end customer experience.

Sage Enterprise Management eliminates complex maintenance and custom interfaces that often come with ‘modular design’ but rather it offers a rich and fully integrated system. So this means that you will be able to exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface, and evolve together.

Work Different

Sage Enterprise Management is the business software solution that enables you to work different. It helps you achieve a better understanding of all moving parts so as to identify opportunities and make more informed decisions. With reliable data visibility and a fully integrated system you will stay ahead of your competitors by offering your customers a smarter and more streamlined experience. Lorge is here to help grow your business forward and work different. Get in touch today, to begin implementing Sage Enterprise Management!