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The Rising Demand for Business Intelligence Software

The ongoing saturation of stuff on the internet, social media, energy management, smart grids and so many others digital fountains will continue to explode data volumes over the coming years. The demand for understanding and navigating this growing digital world has led to the creation of numerous analytics applications in the market and a rising…
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The main benefits of running Business Intelligence in the cloud

Although more and more organizations are implementing BI across the enterprise, the question, however, is how to make BI more robust, effective and easily accessible so that in this struggling economy the organisation remains competitive. Many organisations have invested large sums of money in purchasing the best software, hiring the best IT people for maintenance,…
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Enterprise Intelligence Myths Debunked

Introduction Taking a passive approach to Enterprise Intelligence is a mistake many companies make today. But why are so many companies still not adopting Enterprise Intelligence, like Sage Enterprise Intelligence? For starters, it could be because there are myths surrounding it. Here is a list of Enterprise Intelligence myths debunked: Myth: It produces unstructured data…
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How Enterprise Intelligence benefits organisations

Introduction We live in the age of information and information is ultimately power. The bad thing is, we are now often buried under information, making it difficult to make sense of it without any special tools. Many business owners and managers have been slow to adopt Enterprise Intelligence mainly due to lack of knowledge of…
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What is enterprise intelligence and accounting solutions

Enterprise intelligence provides an understanding of the importance of decision making and how efficient a decision will effectively impact an organisation. It provides a business with a model that enables them to see its progress and reports in order to add value to their business. Enterprise intelligence through accounting solutions improves a business’ performance. These…
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