Enterprise Intelligence Myths Debunked


Taking a passive approach to Enterprise Intelligence is a mistake many companies make today. But why are so many companies still not adopting Enterprise Intelligence, like Sage Enterprise Intelligence? For starters, it could be because there are myths surrounding it. Here is a list of Enterprise Intelligence myths debunked:

Myth: It produces unstructured data only

Enterprise Intelligence is not black and white in terms of structured and unstructured data. There are grey areas in which unstructured data can be structured with simple tools. For example, Excel is a basic, yet effective tool used to capture and store data. With Sage Enterprise Intelligence, you can perform Excel analysis and reporting which can be used to deliver more precise and accurate data.

It is important to remember that there is such a thing as over-analysing your data, which can drain resources and raise costs. Sage Enterprise Intelligence works in the ‘grey area’ of data to mine unstructured data in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Myth: Data is good no matter when it’s used

Data is a moving target, and real-time dashboards provide the best opportunity to capture and act on your data. It is essential to understand that data can be devalued if not captured at relevant data points using a single dashboard.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides you with real-time access to enterprise data with its intuitive user interface. It will help proactively identify a crisis waiting to happen, capture new ideas, and uncover quality issues. Most importantly, a real-time tool, like Sage Enterprise Intelligence, can personalise engagement with your customers.

Myth: Enterprise Intelligence is only valuable for major corporations

Today, big and small companies should be deploying available Enterprise Intelligence tools and expertise to drive company decisions. No business or data size prohibits the use of a good Enterprise Intelligence tool to sharpen operations.

There’s no denying the reality of market competition and the likes of the current product landscape leaning heavily on feedback, ratings, and reviews. Even if you are a small company, you’re ultimately competing with the giants in your industry. To this point, it is essential, no matter the size of your company, to implement Enterprise Intelligence in order to stay on top of your business data and by extension, your competition.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is designed for your unique business performance and as a result, grows in tandem with your business needs, meaning that it is accessible to all types and sizes of business.

Myth: Enterprise Intelligence is for technically savvy people

Traditionally, Enterprise Intelligence has been seen as a highly complicated process from implementation and pricing through to conducting the analysis itself.  As a result, it has been viewed as the domain and responsibility of highly qualified IT specialists within the enterprise. In reality, it can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. There are now plenty of agile Enterprise Intelligence solutions, such as Sage Enterprise Intelligence, that can present data in straightforward and easy-to-understand formats.

With Sage Enterprise Intelligence, even non-technical users can effectively interpret data and create interactive reports and presentations, allowing business users to easily identify and present trends in an impactful way.

Myth: Everything needs to be analysed

There is a widespread belief that a successful company analyses every last detail. However, sifting through masses of data and preparing lengthy reports is a time-consuming process. Not only can over-analysing organisational operations drain resources, it can also result in an information overload, which can actually obscure decision-makers from focusing on the most relevant insights.

Instead, it’s more important to identify and prioritise the right information by carefully linking metrics and reports back to clearly defined business objectives through the right Enterprise Intelligence tool. This approach helps to match the speed of modern day decision-making and optimises operational efficiency to make the most of staff time and financial resources.

When a business implements Sage Enterprise Intelligence, they will be able to transform complex, fragmented data into meaningful information that has real decision-making power, saving both valuable time and manpower.

Myth: Enterprise Intelligence can only be used by senior managers

Traditionally, Enterprise Intelligence insights were fed back to the boardroom. This mode of deployment was essentially due to the expense of implementing and managing broader implementations, in conjunction with the belief that Enterprise Intelligence was a tool for senior management.

As decision-making becomes even more complex and collaborative, the need for Enterprise Intelligence tools that enable organisations to distribute insights quickly to an increasingly diverse user base is more important than ever.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence promotes collaboration and business growth by automatically generating and distributing reports based on a predefined schedule. Moreover, any member of the organisation can be equipped with essential business insights as it allows a company to send snapshots of important business data in email attachments to others for review and analysis. All of Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s collaborative capabilities help push the benefit of Enterprise Intelligence across the company, rather than restricting it to one elite group.

Myth: Enterprise Intelligence is hard to monitor

Enterprise Intelligence tools of today are more accessible and easy to use. Even though data is created at a fast pace, the way in which Enterprise Intelligence operates allows a business to keep an eye on any changes or trends that may be affecting the company. Naturally, it falls on a company to make sure the people who are utilising the tool are equipped with the basic knowledge of how it works in order to ensure that the right data will yield the right results.

With Sage Enterprise Intelligence, companies will have an innovative self-service Enterprise Intelligence solution that is designed for ease of use and advanced performance, meaning that a company can easily manage and monitor their business data and have the information they need at their fingertips to further grow and expand the company.

Make your business more intelligent

Now that the truth behind these myths have been revealed, it is easier to see how Enterprise Intelligence drives business growth through its targeted and cost-effective data solutions. Investing in the right Enterprise Intelligence tool can transform the way in which your business operates so that it can run at peak performance.

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