The Importance of Inter-Department Communication

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Inter-Department communication is any internal formal communication used in businesses to send messages using documents such as memorandums, email, newsflash and circulars. Even if communication can be done  telepathically, but once everyone is in agreement communication is put on paper.
All these communication methods help in giving complains and suggestions to better the business communication.

How to build effective Business communication:

  • Making communication a norm in your business: be open with your employees and this will create a relationship where they also initiate communication when they have suggestions.
  • Resolve problems before they escalate: if you notice a problem, communicate it and find a solution before it blows out of proportion.
  • Put a suggestion box in the office: employees who struggle with direct communication will be able to write their suggestions and companies Sometimes people are comfortable suggesting things
  • Compliment your employees: if you are pleased with their work, communicate it with them so they feel appreciated and notice that you’re aware of what they do.
  • Implement an open door policy: allow your employees to come to you with any work related issues and let them know they can trust in you. if employees are not happy, this will lead to lack of productivity.

A healthy relationship between employers and employees is important. A healthy relationship doesn’t only mean having regular meeting with your employees, but meeting them on the passage, greeting and asking how they are doing goes a long way. This will improve inter-departmental relationships one employee at a time.

It is difficult to communicate with a department that uses different software systems as you wont be familiar with it and won’t be accessible to everyone. In order to have a proper communication solution, you need to all have the same software solutions. Increase productivity and better decision makings with business software solutions from Lorge. Sage CRM is a business software that helps business run and grow with a multi-language, enabling you to engage with customers.

Business performance depends on the type of relationship employers and employees have. Contact Lorge for more information