The Top 5 Pros of Sharing Information Across Departments

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Improving communication in the workplace is essential. Without an understanding of accountability and organisational culture, this can’t be achieved. It can only be achieved through transparency which can benefit both the employee and the organisation.

Information sharing is one of the most valuable components in any organisation, however, some organisations find it difficult to manage information, especially if it’s not digital. Documents end up being misplaced before it even gets to the relevant person, resulting in delays and additional expenses. Business software solutions from Lorge can effectively eliminate such problems. These business solutions allow organisations to work together, by giving them a new working structure and processes that enhance information sharing and general communication in a broader sense .

Employees ought to feel safe and open when sharing information that will benefit the organisation. Keeping information for personal use and advancement will not work if you are part of a team. There are various reasons why important information can be misconstrued. This is mostly due to lack of effective communication channels within an organisation.

Benefits of sharing information across departments:
  • Transparent communication: creates trust as every employee needs to feel valued and part of the team. Having regular meetings and building a relationship with employees is essential as it promotes trust, confidence and openness, thereby allowing business owners to spot potential in employees. This also ensures that employees are aware of the plans and goals of the organisation
  • Improved interdepartmental communication: built trust leads to improved production and work efficiency, instead of employees sitting with distress and a bad attitude towards their work. A lot of problems can be resolved by working through any issues the company may have. This will make employees feel included in business decision making
  • Identify which information is worth sharing: if information concerns employees and their work, they have a right to know. Either the information helps them work more efficiently or it gives them a perspective on how their work should be done. If there is a challenge to find alternative ways to address an issue, this will be easy as you’ll have a team that is willing to share their ideas and opinions
  • Trust: whenever we share information of any kind or nature, we trust the people that will handle it responsibly. Any information shared across organisations will be safe as it will be built on a healthy relationship. When departments trust each other, they help each other operate effectively. Ultimately, this journey builds a powerful relationship. A high level of trust contributes to employee participation, improving leadership and organisational culture
  • Improved customer service: when each department is aware of their roles, a client is able to obtain assistance from any department as they will have access to the information that the customer needs. This will ensure that all employees are producing a high level of customer service. Customers appreciate a good work ethic as well as goal orientated organisations

Hiring employees who are willing to give honest feedback is essential. This shows their efforts by demonstrating that they are being team players. Managing and following up on information is also important. However, the immediate challenge is implementing a new process and using it to replace the old system. Furthermore, these need to be continuously improved in order to meet your targets.

Sharing information makes employees more aware of their roles and responsibilities. If employees see their organisation making an effort when it comes to communicating important information, instead of hearing it through hearsay, they’ll make an effort to communicate their suggestions openly as well. Although not everyone can be included in decision making, management should seek suggestions from employees and understand how the potential decision would make them feel.

If an organisation struggles to share information and communicate openly with employees, Lorge offers business solutions that help to improve communication across departments. Lorge can help you identify which information is worth sharing and how to improve the transparency of organisational communication. These solutions will also track the tasks of your employees and how well they’re managing it.

If you’re looking for a solution on how you can share information openly in your department, Lorge has business solutions which include the Business intelligence overview software. It is a process of capturing and analysing an organisation’s raw data, including online analytic processing, queering, data mining and reporting. The data comes in the form of content, graphs or statistics. If an organisation invests in these business solutions, it will cut their costs, break-up data to assist in making informed decisions, and enable you to spot business opportunities without any hassle.

We can implement a business system, add a menu and other features that simplifies the system for you. We can also decrease the number of challenges you may encounter. These features assist your sales by collecting and analysing your data. It can improve your work performance while it decides which information is important to an organisation.

This business solution gives an organisation the leverage to store internal and external data, making it accessible anywhere, anytime. This will save an organisation time and money. Our business solutions can be used to support your business decisions. The system optimises your business. It does this by allowing your managers to see how their employees are performing compared to their competitors. The system will also suggest how they can improve their performance.

Intelligence reporting allows you to design reports according to your business requirements, giving you room to explore your creativity. Having a healthy check on your business is important as it helps you make informed decisions using relevant information. Whether you are a small or big organisation, the software customises your daily reports, such as payroll and contract reports, saving you time and allowing you to access the reports from multiple sources.

Our business solutions help you analyse your customer satisfaction. This enables you to understand your customers and the services they need. This is a very important process as it alerts an organisation if it’s still on the right path or it needs to do more for their customers. Lorge will allow you to do all of this through one platform so that this information can be freely shared between all of your employees.

Enterprise intelligence taps into different sectors in the market and utilises large amounts of accurate, relevant and personalised data, that can be shared across the organisation.

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