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Rapid problem solving, lower cost

Accounting software problems for users solved more rapidly at lower cost through a combination of conventional support services and remote technology – that`s the goal of major ACCPAC financial and business software reseller and solutions provider, JPC-Lorge.

“The objective is to give our customer base more options with greater benefits at higher speed and at less cost,” says Lorge managing director Errol Wills. “We have established a new client care centre (CCC) offering different levels of telephone support to complement our original support packages.”

A key new element is the provision of remote technology-enabled support. This service extends the telephonic support capability, as well as allowing consulting services to initially attempt to resolve issues without going on-site, enabling problems to be remotely solved without clients incurring travel costs.

“We will also continue to offer customers an on-site support service which involves a technical expert with in-depth experience of ACCPAC and hands-on knowledge of the customer site, its configuration and client-specific capability,” adds Wills.

“So the support offering to customers will be driven through the CCC and consists of three major elements. Incident logging opens all cases to ensure that key support staff and management are made aware that there is a problem and can monitor the follow up. The first element is a range of discounted telephonic support services and the second is a range of discounted on-site consulting support options. The third is remote support, which enables better telephonic and consulting response times.”

Customers can evaluate their support history and select the level of telephonic and site-specific support they require and then decide whether they would like that support to be remotely enabled.

“It will be possible to tailor a support package that combines various levels of all three elements to best suit each individual customer,” says Wills. “With remote enablement it will be possible to resolve most problems within minutes of the incident being logged.

“The cost advantages are considerable. Remote support removes travel costs and travel time from the equation. Support visits to the site can be greatly reduced or even eliminated entirely. However, those customers who feel more comfortable with on-site support can continue to have it.”

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JPC-Lorge, formed through the merger of Lorge and JPC Computing, is an undisputed leader in ACCPAC accounting software and business solutions in Africa. The company`s background, deep pool of experience and skills accumulated over a total of 33 years in business, ideally places it to provide independent and consistent expertise in the implementation, development, servicing and support of ACCPAC systems as well as the design and application of innovative solutions that provide strategic and competitive advantage.

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