Local company develops powerful integration tool for ACCPAC suite

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[Johannesburg, 30 June 2002] The depth of software development expertise in South Africa has once again been demonstrated with the launch of a professional, intuitive software tool for secure importing of data into various components of an ACCPAC suite of accounting software modules.

Developed by Sandton-based ACCtivity Software, a company that focuses on producing specialist enterprise software and middleware for ACCPAC, the Integration Manager package manages, processes and tracks data provided by third party front end/operating systems for integration to and with other back-end accounting data.

“We developed the software because of the ongoing requirement from corporations for a powerful and reliable piece of middleware that simplifies integration with ACCPAC,” says Naldus Pienaar, divisional manager of ACCtivity, a Softline company.

“Integration Manager offers easy, user-definable templates and rules for the importing of comma delimited and flat files as well as the automatic creation of any number of transaction types. As a result, ACCPAC users with third party front-end products can now rely on secure and validated batch creation at the push of a button.

“It is the first and only tool of its kind to be developed in the official ACCPAC Software Development Kit, so users are assured of trouble-free operation combined with platform and database independence. Integration Manager exploits all of ACCPAC`s standard functionality such as data activation, security and multi-currency and integrates with many standard ACCPAC modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Bank Manager, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control.”

The software can automatically create various transaction types such as Invoice, Receipt and Payment batches as well as any other batch type allowed by any of the ACCPAC modules that are supported. It allows the set up of rules to validate data against key ACCPAC fields requiring validation such as Customer Numbers, Vendor Numbers and GL Account Codes. Pienaar adds that fields can be translated for import of incompatible source date formats, and number fields that need to read as text. User definable data mapping substitution tables allow fields to be replaced with values contained in the mapping tables.

Multiple ACCPAC batches can be created from a single source file and unnecessary data in the source file, such as header information, can be stripped out prior to importing and batch creation.

Integration Manager also provides the user company with the necessary Audit trails, recording each and every batch creation and transaction instance. Files are automatically numbered, indexed and archived after successful processing for a comprehensive historical record of events as well as the omission or duplication of processing.

Pienaar says ACCtivity`s Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) ensures that users receive version upgrades in parallel with ACCPAC version releases. ACCtivity products are also database, platform and ACCPAC Edition independent.

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