The advantages of ERP in the hospitality industry

An enterprise resource management system is a vital tool for the hotel industry today. It allows you to leverage the opportunities available in the market and maximize the benefits offered by technology to make operations easy, quick and efficient. Hotel management software can assist managers in improving processes, hospitality, customer care, and so on to the maximum potential, so that the entire system functions seamlessly.

ERP software solutions are being increasingly preferred over property management systems, as the former is more effective; it collects data from all departments and processes as opposed the PMS which only collects data from the front office.

Here are some of the advantages that come with utilising an ERP system:

  1. Built-in guest history

Customer retention is crucial to the success of any hotel; with an ERP solution, you can save, edit, manage and analyse the data of all your guests. By checking the types of guests who come, their preferences, concerns, comments and more, you can easily take the steps to serve them better. Furthermore, this data is stored on the cloud, which means your data is secure and accessible remotely as well.

  1. Better supervision

ERP software can help you supervise all the activities and processes with a centralized system: kitchen orders, servings, status of room cleaning, customers checking out and so on, and you can coordinate these activities to ensure seamless operations in your hotel.

  1. Flexibility

ERP solutions have readymade business modules to deal with finance, inventory, HR, purchases and so on, which enable managers to simplify complex processes; most solutions also allow you to add and remove modules as per the specific requirements of the business.

  1. Boost efficiency

You can get real time information on room availability, check-ins and check outs, tariff calculations, delivery options etc., to help you plan and co-ordinate your hotel business smoothly. You can easily avoid duplicate booking when you have a centralized system for handling guest bookings with checks in place to prevent double booking for the same room. You can also manage your menu listing, prices and so on, to provide exceptional service to your customers.