Employee Relationships are a two-way-street

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Dialogue is viewed as a CRM technique for managers and their teams. Relationship building is focused around conversations between manager and employee. Managers get help with staying in touch, giving feedback, and understanding each team member better.

What is two-way communication?

The best way to define two-way communication is to view it as an exchange of valuable information. This exchange helps to ensure several important conditions for making business efforts most successful:

  • Employers/Employees plan the most important communications so they can be purposeful and increase their chances of achieving their desired outcome
  • Employers/Employees are focused on each other and where the other is coming from, not on what they think and want to get across, so they are in the best position to hear and understand what the other is sharing
  • Employers/Employees allow sufficient time for a back and forth discussion; they listen as much or sometimes even more than they speak. We listen for what’s being said and as importantly, what’s not being said
  • Employers/Employees are open to feedback and pose questions that facilitate this kind of interaction; feedback is also used to frame future communications
  • Employers/Employees regularly check for understanding to confirm a shared meaning with one another

Why is two-way communication important?

The importance of building opportunities for solid two-way communication – dialogues and conversations – really can’t be underestimated. When two-way communication is well planned and executed, the benefits for the organisation include:

  • Heightened levels of job satisfaction by offering an outlet for employee concerns, ideas, opinions
  • Increased productivity because ambiguity about roles/responsibilities/actions is reduced
  • Enhanced collaboration across the organization, which can lead to more creativity and innovation
  • Improved trust between leadership and employees, which builds internal brand loyalty and offers opportunities for continued growth