DTI`s small business promotion agency goes with ACCPAC solution

Lorge Press Office
[Johannesburg, 22 August 2003] Softline Lorge, the national and international ACCPAC accounting software reseller and solutions provider, is maintaining the ACCPAC Enterprise Edition 5.0 accounting system at Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency, the Department of Trade and Industry`s SMME business promotion agency.

Incorporated in terms of the National Small Business Act no 102 of 1996, Ntsika serves the SMME sector, providing support and services to SMMEs in line with the DTI`s vision 2014 that aims to ensure SMME business development, growth and prosperity.

Ntsika provides integrated business development and support programmes to SMMEs to help them access local, regional and international markets.

Godfried Krüger, Chief Financial Officer of Ntsika, said the accounting software and tailor-made solution provided by Softline Lorge, is being used to control its financial affairs and perform a variety of tasks, including the registration and compliance of suppliers.

“This is a critical task for us as the vendor registration procedure – carried out in the software`s Accounts Payable module – ensures that only suppliers complying with a set of strict requirements qualify to conduct business with Ntsika.”

As a development agency funded directly by the DTI and the European Union, Ntsika needed an accounting software solution that would not only provide the necessary accounting functionality but one that would also add value by acting as a core control element across the broad spread of the agency`s operations.”

Softline Lorge director Carlien Thomson said one of the major strengths of the ACCPAC software is its ability to provide controls through the flexibility of its standard modules.

“The Purchase Orders function is not only being used by Ntsika to place orders for stationery and publications, but also for requesting, approving and confirming travel bookings through the requisitions facility, as well as for the recording of all projects and contracts conducted with registered suppliers.”

Thomson added that another example was the General Ledger`s “security by segments” feature, which ensures that the various divisions of Ntsika may post transactions only to their own divisional expense accounts.

The Financial Reporter function in the General Ledger allows Ntsika to produce comprehensive monthly and quarterly management reports while fixed assets are maintained with the D-Bit Fixed Assets and Barcode Scanning functions.

Among the other features is a special electronic funds transfer (EFT) program developed by ACCtivity, a division of Lorge that produces specialist enterprise software and integrated solutions for ACCPAC. ACCtivity`s EFT Manager module allows for quick and cost-effective electronic payment of vendors and suppliers. ACCPAC`s Inventory Control and Purchase Orders functions control the stock of the publications held in the agency library. Sales of these publications to the general public and organisations are controlled through the Inventory Control and Order Entry functions. Internal cost distribution is handled by IC Internal Issues, ACCtivity`s internal inventory management product.

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