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Lorge Consulting Services – has been frequently making headlines following a streak of noteworthy philanthropic endeavours and client success stories. The company has also featured at various single and multi-industry events, on national and international platforms. This time, however, the Premier Certified Sage Partner is sending shockwaves throughout the Southern African business landscape by expanding its product line. This is courtesy of a new addition to the existing suite of cutting-edge BMS solutions: Sage Evolution (SE).

Following much preparation and planning, the company is proud to announce the official addition of Sage Evolution to the existing family of Sage products offered to the market. This is in-keeping with the company vision to be thee leading provider of innovative, business and industry-specific BMS and BI software. The company’s comprehensive range of sought-after solutions under one umbrella, together with proven industry expertise for more than 30 years, and an unstinting commitment to service excellence – all attest to Lorge’s reputation as a pioneering and forward-facing organisation.

Sage Evolution – “Next Level” Business Management Resource

The launch of Sage Evolution in South Africa represented a direct response to the unique and ever-evolving needs of businesses operating in dynamic markets, with intensifying competitive forces and rapidly growing consumer needs. This called for a progressive software solution with sophisticated tools and capabilities as well as the ability to enhance user-experience.

The latter is a key factor addressed by SE as the software is intelligently designed for exceptional ease-of-use. Additionally, there are a host of important reasons why Sage Evolution is the software of choice for leading industries within South Africa, the continent as a whole and for that matter – globally.

Consider these 5 compelling reasons why your business development, customer-service and administrative systems can widely benefit from this particular Sage product in 2017 and beyond.

These features and benefits although considerable, only begin to scratch the surface of SE. For more comprehensive insight contact our experts here.

  1. The features of SE provide for a holistic and fully integrated software solution:

An effective BMS cannot stand alone as an isolated system that isn’t compatible with others and refuses to factor in the influences of all operational elements. This is where SE’s advantages kick in, as an all-encompassing product that instinctively connects with other applications.

This means that SE is not only a robust financial management system, but one than can seamlessly network and align to existing third-party programs – wherever required. There is a science to it and a deeply technical side, but this is where the expertise of trained technicians and the comfort of reliable service support come in. SE can therefore work harmoniously with an existing CRM tool, for instance – and the same would apply to any current system that has to be considered. This enables efficient installations as well as tailored products suited to individual business needs.

  1. SE offers ease-of-use – despite its advanced capabilities:

This is a massive consideration in that, while the software handles complex integration and manages a host of important business functions, the end-user experience is highly intuitive. For instance, the main system manager features an easily navigable System Tree. This welcoming interface caters to everything from system set-up, to control, to multi-level password security, online help and so forth. Such simplicity and functionality foster greater productivity, efficiency and security.

  1. SE allows for the implementation of dynamic Industry and business-specific solutions:

Since every business differs as do its needs – a scalable and customisable solution is required for peak performance. SE enables one to create business-specific modules that complement the software’s core functions. So whether you need to incorporate a high traffic ecommerce platform into your business management system, or whether you need to collate and analyse data from multiple offices with hundreds of users – unique modules can be created or set-up to cater for these demands.

  1. Flexible Report generation and real-time updating

Successful businesses are largely incumbent on the meaningful assimilation and interpretation of various sets of data. This relates to every facet of the business, and in order to be achieved, requires relevant report generation for internal use or sharing with stakeholders. Instances include the need to monitor or report on sales trends, expenditure analyses, inventory movements, wage and salary schedules, debtors or creditors figures and much more.

Standard reports can be customised by employing the Report Writer module and scheduled reports can be automated to generate and be emailed periodically to specific persons. Furthermore, vast data volumes can be securely pulled and analysed from multiple sources in excel with figures updating in real time. Simply refresh in order to update to most current data. Controlling accessibility and Alert Management for notifications are some of the other useful features.

  1. Superior Inventory Control and Optimisation

Inventory monitoring or tracking and management as a whole are fundamental in developing sustainable business success. The SE Inventory Optimisation feature is included as part of the core SE modules. It allows for stock levels to be set and synchronised with preferred suppliers linked to each item. In this way ordering processes can be automated.

Factors such as lead times and reorder quantities can also be integrated within the system criteria. Even internal stock distribution or movements between divisions can be managed via the Inventory Issue feature. Then the main Inventory module empowers any business to exercise virtually unlimited control over stock. From summarised management reports to detailed operational reports – all can be customised to the requirements of each user.

Find out more about the benefits and features of Sage Evolution by dialling 010 594 9800 today.

Why Lorge is a trusted supplier of SE and other Sage solutions

SE is a powerful tool with user friendly features. However, in order to ensure the most effective solutions, tailored to your specific business – the right technical expertise and after-sales support is vital in harnessing SE’s full capabilities. This will ensure you have the most appropriate solution for your enterprise, efficiently installed and backed by knowledgeable and dedicated service professionals. This translates to optimum system performance and prompt technical assistance when required.

Here are only a few reasons why Lorge is your service provider of choice when it comes to Sage Evolution:

  • Lorge has earned a reputation of excellence, being trusted by over 10,000 users in the broadest spectrum of industries.
  • Lorge has a Dedicated Sage Accredited In-house Training Centre.
  • Lorge is an award-winning enterprise and therefore recognised as a leader by the industry.
  • Lorge adopts a client-centred approach with all customers. This has allowed the organisation to expand its footprint nationally as well as internationally.
  • The in-house knowledge and expertise of Lorge has been firmly entrenched over a number of years. This is evidenced by the comprehensive suite of Sage and related BMS products that the organisation specialises in.

Account Manager at Sage South Africa, David Jones, discussed a plethora of Sage Evolution features and benefits with our media representative – a few of which are discussed above. Additionally, David discussed that strict criteria is applied to suppliers wishing to become Certified Sage Partners, of which there are several tiers. Customers enlisting Lorge will have the comfort of knowing that the company is a Premier Certified Sage Partner.

For further information on Sage Evolution, or to discuss your current enterprise needs, contact our Sales Department on 010 594 9800.

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