Accounting software is all about doing more with less

Lorge Press Office

Companies are increasingly looking to financial and accounting software to assist them to develop and mine specific areas of the business where there is expanding scope and growth potential.

According to Errol Wills, managing director of Lorge, an ACCPAC financial software reseller and solutions provider, software is all about doing more with less.

“In the past, users have primarily been concerned about gaining control of their businesses through financial and accounting software. Now they`re looking way beyond that.”

Wills says their major concerns are focused in two areas:

  • The enhancement of existing financial functionality in areas such as job-costing and multi-currency that make the accounting systems fit better with the individual company needs and at the same time further tighten its controls.
  • The application of value-adding complementary software such as customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) programs that are used to convert existing data into strategic information that enhances management control and at the same time improves company success.

“BI software evaluates the past and present to identify root causes of problems,” says Wills. “For example, if debtors days are increasing it can prompt a company to ask of itself: What did we sell that customers are not paying for? Is our service overpriced or is the value not being perceived or realised? Is it poor section management or is the product not performing? The software will enable management to pinpoint the causes.”

Wills adds that BI programs help companies strategise for new business opportunities and to take advantage of product growth trends. CRM then helps the company to strategise how it will market and sell those opportunities to the existing customer base to maximise the “wallet share”.

“Both BI and CRM programs provide another layer of information giving a dashboard view into the financial and customer operations of the business online from anywhere. Our role is to ensure that our clients get software that fits their individual needs, enhances their controls and enables them to do better business.”

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