Why use our Sage 300 HR payroll system?

Sage 300 is an enterprise management and accounting software from Lorge. The Sage 300 HR payroll system caters to small to medium businesses and medium to large businesses, allowing the team to know where everything stands at a glance.

Sage 300 improves business insights, shared information, and communication with ease. Our software can be personalised with preferred functions and tabs to suit any business need that focuses on business growth.

Our Sage 300 software would be of great assistance to HR managers in the hiring and salary process. Employees’ personal details can be saved on the software, simplifying the process of locating them. This includes the department they fall under, job specification, and the number of leave days they are entitled to. Sage 300 HR payroll system software is desktop and mobile compatible, and has trackable communication which ensures a smooth collaboration of teams.

Once you purchase the software from Lorge, you pay a once-off fee, which includes a license to operate. The software offers intelligent reporting, allowing multiple users, and comes in a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, and French, just to name a few.

Sage 300 HR payroll system enables automatic payroll collection feedback from employees. This software simplifies tasks, saving companies time and money, especially with the payroll system incorporated.

Lorge’s Sage 300 HR payroll system software is equipped with a high security software and an anti-virus, meaning all your files and information is protected. Our Sage 300 software is suitable for any type of business, producing effective, real-time results. This core human resource software manages employee information, allowing the user to analyse, track, and edit employee information over time.

If you want your business to compete in the fast-paced business environment, then our Sage 300 HR payroll system is for you.

We assure you, our software will meet all of your company’s needs.

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