Market outgrows traditional business software support

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Conventional business software system support packages no longer fit the bill for many large organisations.

Among the factors driving the demand for an entirely different concept are a general shortage of skills; reluctance to take on financial projects in-house because the specialist knowledge required can usually only be acquired by finding and hiring a suitably qualified person for a limited period; and the cost of training and re-training employees.

According to Errol Wills, managing director of major independent ACCPAC accounting and business software solution provider Lorge, some customers have started to outgrow their standard support package offerings, and are increasingly requesting that Lorge, as their business system maintenance and enhancements provider, take responsibility for some of their internal accounting processes as well.

Wills points out that Lorge is being asked to place consultants into customers` financial departments as part of a managed services package, for which a monthly fee is paid.

“Customers want both financial and project skills that are business-specific. They also see the value in the fact that our service personnel understand both ACCPAC software functions and business accounting standards, requirements and procedures,” says Wills.

As an example, Wills says a customer could choose to introduce a system that enables a national customer to pay multiple branch accounts with a single cheque which is then applied across the appropriate branches.

“In a managed services environment, we would install the required software functionality for the customer, create the required links and be on site to manage the entire process and ensure that it meets the customer`s needs, and then finally transfer the skills and knowledge to the customer`s employees,” explains Wills.

He sees managed services as a natural progression evolving beyond Lorge`s four standard support packages, driven by a changing environment.

Lorge`s managed services typically cover the support and maintenance of ACCPAC software applications, system development and enhancements, overall accounting software management, and the training and re-training of both existing and new employees using Lorge personnel on site to transfer the required skills to the staff nominated by the customer.

“The goal of Lorge`s managed services concept is to provide customers with the services they require at a competitive rate, allowing us to manage the application component of their business software system, while they focus on achieving their core business objectives,” concludes Wills.

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