Lorge wins Lifesense accounting software, data integration contract

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Lifesense Financial Services, the black economic empowered retirement fund and payroll administration specialist in the Houghton-based Lifesense Group, has placed a large order with business and accounting software reseller and solutions provider Lorge to install an ACCPAC Enterprise for Windows Advantage Series 5.3 accounting software system, provide a software integration solution and support services.

Lifesense Financial Services was recently selected by EBS Africa, Sungard`s agent in Africa, as a reference site to showcase Sungard products in SA. The integration of ACCPAC with the operational data from the Sungard OmniPlus software that records and tracks retirement fund payments, investments, returns and other vital business transactions and information, is being achieved with Acctivity Integration Manager.

“The locally developed Acctivity software automatically extracts and converts the required information from the OmniPlus operational software system and transfers it seamlessly into the required sections of the ACCPAC accounting software modules including General Ledger, System Manager, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable,” says Lorge services manager Jaco Havenga.

“This process can be set to commence automatically after normal working hours so that at the start of each new working day, the ACCPAC accounting software system is completely up to date with the latest operational data.”

Havenga adds that the new accounting and integration software system is being installed and will be fully commissioned during May.

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