Lorge to implement SAP Business One for Flora nursery enterprise

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Business and financial software reseller and solutions provider Lorge has been awarded a contract to install and implement an integrated business software solution for Flora Imports, the gardening and related industry wholesaler, and Flora Farm, the retail nursery and garden centre, both based in Boksburg.

The solution platform is the SAP Business One integrated business software and the locally written and developed point-of-sale software, isoPOS, will be integrated for the first time with a SAP system to meet the retail sales requirements of Flora Farm. The solution will be commissioned in August.

Flora Imports is a wholesaler of an extensive range of goods, including ceramic, terracotta and decorative metal containers, plastic pots, indoor and outdoor décor items, bronze ware, marble and other sculptures, water features, figurines and wood and bamboo products. Flora Farm, established in 1973 and located on a 20ha site, is one of the largest retail nurseries and garden centres in southern Africa.

“The objective is to provide the two Flora operations with a solution that will cater for their financials, procurement, distribution and sales, with a specific retail point-of-sale solution in the form of isoPOS for use by Flora Farm for its nursery and garden centre sales,” said Lorge manager Eugene Olivier.

“Flora Imports wholesales and distributes a very wide range of garden-related goods throughout SA and into neighbouring territories,” added Olivier. “They need a single solution that will unify management, finance, sales, service and procurement in a centralised database while having the scalability to meet their longer term needs. On that basis, SAP Business One, and for Flora Farm isoPOS for full integration of the point of sale requirement, were selected.”

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