Lorge reaches out to GDA in sponsorship

Lorge extends a helping hand

Business Management and Intelligence Solutions Company, Lorge, hasn’t only earned its title as a seasoned “industry titan” due to its long list of prominent national and international clientele, but also due to notable community involvement.

Giving back to the community is a distinctive and identifiable part of Lorge since its humble establishment in 1986. Now as preferred service provider to hundreds of companies, their team of experts offer IT infrastructure, software development and business solutions across all economic sectors. With over three decades of award-winning achievements under the belt, Lorge has also successfully implemented over 10 000 users across various business enterprises. Despite what many analysts call mammoth success, as alluded to above, Lorge is on a constant lookout for worthy causes. It is this quest that has led to an association with the Guide Dog Association (GDA). Since 2013 Lorge has partnered to help the GDA, and in doing so has hoped to help them fulfil their mission and spread their message more effectively, all while inspiring other businesses to also do their bit. While the company lends a helping hand to various organisations that are in need and making a positive impact on society, Lorge is especially proud to be associated with the GDA due to their specialised and challenging role.

More about GDA

Founded in 1953 by Gladys Evans, the Guide Dog Association has become a name that everyone is familiar with. At the time Evans rented a temporary training centre with her dog Sheena and called it the Gladys Evans Training Centre. Today the expansive 11 acre property boasts all the facilities necessary to train guide dogs and their vision impaired owners. Guide dogs are not only available for visually impaired people, but also for those who are physically disabled or have autism.

Most of these dogs are bred at the Gladys Evans Training Centre and are placed at volunteer homes from the age of 7 weeks. This is where they are taught about socialising and are house-trained. Two thirds of these dogs will go on to become guide dogs, autism support dogs or used for breeding. The remaining one third who do not qualify due to health or temperament reasons, will go on to stay with their volunteer families as pets. The GDA also provides autism support dogs to children affected by autism. They further provide orientation and mobility services to visually impaired people via their College of Orientation and Mobility. This service does not include dogs, but rather the long white cane used as a walking aid and functional tool for the blind. The GDA is helping those in despair and bringing immense joy and hope to their families, by helping affected individuals become more positively contributing members of society.

What did Lorge do?

Lorge wanted to donate all of the company’s old furniture to a worthy cause when they moved offices from Woodmead to Midrand. Since the GDA had been a genuinely grateful organisation when furniture had been donated in the past, the company chose to also give them an exclusive boardroom table, which they certainly had great use for. They were elated, very cooperative and even made arrangements to fetch the table from the Lorge offices. Lorge has also assisted GDA financially over the past five years, often with monthly contributions. The GDA have used this furniture to not only upgrade their existing workspace, but also conveniently complement their training and student offices.

Carlien Thomson, Lorge’s CFO commented simply and very aptly that Lorge “likes to be partner with people that make a difference in so many lives.”

Lorge also serves to use these examples to showcase how small acts of kindness can make an incredible difference, and thus encourage other businesses – small or large – to play a part in making a difference within their communities too. After receiving the table the GDA sent a heartfelt appreciation email, thanking Lorge for their donation and even showed them how the boardroom table had been utilised at their offices.

Juliette Powell, GDA Head of Marketing said, “GDA is proud to be associated with Lorge and its employees as they support us on several levels with kind generosity. This is a perfect example of how a company can take hands with GDA so that we jointly make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.” She also went on to say, “Our clients are very dear and special to us, and we know that their wellbeing and success in living their own dreams mean a lot to Lorge too.”

Lorge – help is ongoing

Lorge has been assisting the GDA for about 5 years: They have sponsored the Gauteng Golf days since 2016 and also make monthly donations to the organisation. This enables the GDA to allocate reserves needed for expanding and continuing their valuable services on all levels. The GDA went on to say that the contributions have made it possible to help the blind and people struggling with autism to get the necessary help and become more productive members of society. They ultimately provide independence and mobility to their clients, and this is undoubtedly a priceless gift. The Autism Support Families have the pleasure of a new friend, being the trained dog that helps bring out talents in children who were deemed ‘challenged’. Lorge and their employees live by the principle of making a difference, which has been truly inspirational to staff and volunteers of the GDA alike.

A Last Word

Last year (2016) Lorge’s contributions totalled about R50 000 in value to GDA. Carlien Thomson went on to say, “Hopefully they will receive other donations and grants to continue their great work. The reason we do press releases is so that other companies can follow us and donate as well.”
Lorge extends a challenge to all other thriving businesses to give back to the community and help out where they can, especially with organisations like the GDA who are making a real difference in the lives of people.