Lorge aims to increase productivity and drive growth through times of uncertainty

We may be fast approaching the most lenient lockdown level in South Africa since March this year, but there is no doubt 2020 is a year that will scarcely be forgotten due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, while COVID-19 has made a lasting imprint on the health services, occupational health and safety standards, legislatively and socio-economically, some enterprises are holding steady. Although cautious, they remain optimistic about the future. Increasingly apparent is that most of these forward-thinking businesses are proponents of well managed and systematically integrated systems. These systems are deemed reliant on robust tools, effective structures and evolved technologies that empower efficiencies, capabilities and performance at all levels, from financial management to HR, payroll and beyond.

Same challenges, different results: Why are some businesses doing better than others?

It is clear that businesses that were able to respond more proactively and showed heightened preparedness during the pandemic have fared with far greater resilience than many others. Sadly, too many enterprises have been forced to close their doors with tremendous consequences to livelihoods, unemployment rates, the South African economy and the global marketplace at large. The businesses that have weathered the storm show evidence of strong human resource, payroll and other core operational systems.

Sage, as the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and HR systems, supports South African businesses with cloud and business solutions that increase productivity, improve employee engagement, simplify administration, and make it easier for organisations to comply with tax laws and regulations. Sage is trusted by millions of customers worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support.

Sage 300 People: Choosing an advanced HR & payroll system

Sage 300 People is an agile, cost-effective, and scalable solution for mid-sized and larger businesses. Senior consultant at Lorge, Cornel van Rooyen, unpacked some of the noticeable advantages specific to the Sage 300 People HR and Payroll solution that was added to Lorge’s offering earlier this year.

Lorge presently services a broad spectrum of clients that depend on the company’s product and service offering. This includes rolling out new projects, and providing ongoing support and maintenance to clients operating in Africa and across the globe, including Canada, the Middle East, United States – essentially, wherever the need may arise.

“Sage 300 People is a flexible solution that has been well received in the African market since we added it to our bouquet of Sage solutions early this year. The pandemic has not prevented businesses in Africa from appreciating this solution’s key attributes. It is a scalable solution and implementation can be quick,” says van Rooyen.

“Sage 300 People can be hosted on-premise for environments where organisations do not have reliable connectivity. There is also a hosted option with a monthly subscription for companies that want to migrate from legacy systems without major upfront investments in new hardware or software.”

The Sage 300 People HR and Payroll modules allow organisations to manage employees throughout the employee life cycle. Sage 300 People uses a single database for all HR and payroll data, providing a single source of the truth and real-time insights from multiple locations simultaneously. It also integrates seamlessly with other Sage accounting applications. Powerful self-service tools empower employees to manage their personal data.

“Sage 300 People includes a fast, intuitive and tailored set of tools that helps you avoid potential errors and hours lost to manual tasks by automating business processes,” says Gerhard Hartman, Vice President: Medium Business, Sage Africa & Middle East. “This frees up resources that will allow you to focus on the strategic imperatives of your business instead of tedious admin.”


The COVID-19 pandemic may have exposed the fragile nature and susceptibility of manual and legacy systems in a time of severe crisis. But the time of testing has also afforded a unique opportunity to appreciate the role of automated and digitalised technology, not only to remain competitive, but also to immunise against force majeure events that can paralyse and disrupt businesses that fail to act decisively.

The right HR, payroll and other solutions can circumvent such disruptions and not only enable business continuity, but foster growth, too. Management can focus on doing business rather than monitoring and resourcing inefficient systems.

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