Lorge achieves BBBEE level 2 status

At Lorge, we have always recognised our responsibility in equalising opportunities for those designated people who are socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged. Driven by this sense of responsibility we have committed as a company to uplifting South African communities, especially those who have been historically disadvantaged.

The key transformation dimensions now being applied in BBBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) are: direct empowerment, relating to ownership and management; human resource development, relating to employment equity and skills development; indirect empowerment, relating to preferential procurement and enterprise development; and finally, residual empowerment relating to corporate social investment. We believe that these transformation dimensions will assist in sustaining Lorge’s competitive advantage in the long-term.

We believe that by creating a racially and culturally diverse team, we can increase our competency in providing world-class standards in terms of cost, quality, productivity and customer service. As a growing business we strive to develop and recruit employees to the point where they are able to exercise options within our Employee Participation Scheme. Moreover, skills development has been identified as one of the major catalysts to transformation in the sector and Lorge has maintained a culture of skills development from within.

It is with great pride that we would like to announce the achievement of Broad Based BEE level 2 status for Lorge. We are now a majority black woman owned business and we could not be more thrilled. We remain committed to our growth strategy alliances and furthering our transformation goals.