Breaking News: Lorge Sets Eyes on Global Expansion with Landmark Move, Appointing New CEO

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the Business Management and Business Intelligence Solutions sectors of the IT industry, leading Sage Platinum Partner, Lorge Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is taking inspirational and strategic steps to grow its market share, with a focus on new territorial expansion.

“In a truly testing time for South Africans, in the shared fight against a pandemic of global proportion, we must still forge ahead, we must adapt, we must evolve. If you are not growing, you are dying…and the same can be said of any industry or business. Furthermore, we recognise the cornerstone significance of our offering in enabling and empowering the commercial sectors of our local and international economies to continue to serve the markets they service, and in so doing enrich their industries,” said Lorge CFO and shareholder, Carlien Thomson, who’s expansive career in the IT field spans over 4 decades.

Lorge’s success over the past 3 decades, has by no means been without its fair share of obstacles. The multi-award-winning consulting services company attributes its success to perseverance and an incredibly hard-working and dedicated team, having navigated many waters. Over the past 5 years, following the passing away of former Lorge CEO, Derek Porter, the role of Chief Executive Officer has not been permanently filled, but through the incredible contributions and direction of the current executive management the company has retained its entrenched position as a market leader.

Today, Lorge, with a growing footprint in Southern Africa, West Africa and servicing various blue-chip clients further afield, sets its sights on expanding into other parts of Africa and the Middle-East and beyond. Lorge is also busy with projects in Canada and the USA. This coincides with SA national government’s recent decision to ease lockdown regulations, currently bringing it to Level-2 status, meaning that most of the economy is active and most industries are fully operational.

This major move is accompanied by a landmark decision to appoint Rayburn Consulting (Pty) Ltd CEO, Neville Govender, as the new CEO of Lorge. Earlier this month, Lorge excitedly announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Neville Govender as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors. Lorge as a close-knit, value-driven entity has also wasted no time in welcoming Neville who steps into his new role effective 1st September 2020. Neville is currently working between the Dubai and South African office, and currently is in Dubai managing and guiding the operations after the lockdown was lifted in UAE.

Neville has more than 22 year’s hands-on experience in the management of sales and business development. His expansive career includes successfully leading mergers and acquisitions of large and medium enterprises. This also allows him to access an extensive network of resources and key strategic relationships built over a number of years.

Preceding his appointment as CEO of Lorge, Carlien Thomson CFO at Lorge has been working closely with Neville Govender on various projects over the past year. This partnership and collaboration have revealed various prospects, and in order to fully capitalise on these synergies it was agreed that Rayburn Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a B-BBEE Level 1 rating status company, would acquire a significant share in Lorge. The acquisition of shares by Rayburn has served as a foundational step to entrenching a more permanent relationship between the two enterprises. This concurrently serves as a platform for continued growth of Lorge and the ongoing delivery of cutting-edge solutions to more clients in existing and untapped markets.

Jurgens Snyman, Director at Lorge had the following to say about the new appointment, “At Lorge we are at a critical moment in the market and we look forward to renewed leadership to assist us to successfully take advantage of the market opportunities whilst maintaining the standard of service we are renowned for. Neville is a technology visionary with a proven track record of execution. He is a strong communicator who is customer focused with deep leadership capabilities.”

Neville added this about his new appointment. “I am excited to have been elected CEO and part of an organisation that delivers high quality service and innovative solutions to clients. We are an organisation led by purpose, to make a positive meaningful impact. The opportunity ahead is vast, we must adapt to the market trend and changes to focus and continue to transform. A big part of my job is to deliver improved execution and accelerate our growth coupled with the ability to bring innovative products to our customers quickly.”

Following his new appointment as CEO at Lorge, Neville Govender and Carlien Thomson, as the major shareholders together with the support and contribution of the entire Lorge Management team and workforce, will seek to grow the business’ footprint and expand market share in South Africa, Dubai and the rest of Africa.

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