5 ways to improve customer satisfaction

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Many businesses have strayed away from customer satisfaction. They are all about getting business without considering customer satisfaction. Businesses need to know that customer satisfaction is important, it is crucial to stay relevant to customers’ needs.

Technology now plays a huge role in customer satisfaction by simplifying business with software that shows relevant information on how businesses can improve their customer service. Lorge has a customer relationship management software in place that assists businesses in satisfying their customers. Unsatisfied customers results in less business, while satisfying customers brings more money to a business. A customer relationship management software will enable a business to establish a customer’s needs without having to ask the question. Companies that reach out to customers demonstrate how much they value their customers.

Answering customers’ queries is not the only customer satisfaction businesses need to look at. Consistent follow ups are equally as satisfying to a customer. Customers expect constant feedback when seeking clarity. Sometimes employees can get busy with queries. A customer’s loyalty is the key objective to building strong relationships. Customers don’t only build relationships with a company per se, sometimes employees exceed customers’ expectations and from there, customers become loyal to a business due to the service provided by its employees.

Businesses can include an easy self-service solution that also provides additional information on products. Technology makes life easier for both businesses and clients. Lorge’s website and social media pages are our storefront. We are consistently improving it to be comfortable and user friendly. Having a healthy relationship with customers also means you don’t need to ask for feedback – they will automatically comment on how amazing your product or service is.

Communication is essential in any business, be it between employees and customers or between employees. Communication clears the air in organisations. Employers keeping employees in the loop with every decision assists in maintaining trust and develops healthy relationships. In order to keep employees on the same page, it is advisable to keep them informed simultaneously. This can be physical or online communication in the form of internal newsletters or weekly circulars. It might be difficult to adapt to the new system, but companies who are used to sharing content online will easily adapt.

The more transparent communication is in a business, the more employees feel safe to suggest ideas and have a healthy working relationship. How can a business expect their customers to feel valued and to continue making use of their services when the business doesn’t have a healthy relationship with their employees? Essentially, communication changes and improves the dynamics that influence the productivity of an organisation.

Customers that are not getting a satisfactory response can have a negative impact on your brand, especially when it comes to online communication. Customers expect their queries to be attended to immediately. Companies normally take 20-30 minutes to respond to customers online. Response time is not the issue here, but more so, whether the problems are being effectively resolved. Social media helps us improve customer relationships. Having the relevant content on social media drives more traffic to your social media pages.

It is important for businesses to have relevant information on their website that may answer any frequently asked questions. This avoids your customers having to repeatedly enquire about the same things. Allowing customers to give feedback on your products and services means you care about what they think about your brand. Feedback on social media can be seen by other users which can influence them to try your products and services based on the feedback.

Lorge offers support to its customers and frequently have discussions on how our products and services are essential. If customers want to enquire something privately, they can do so on any of our social media pages by sending us a direct message and our social media manager will respond in no time. Social media managers assist in building a product and strategise on how to promote it by being listeners, responding to queries and promoting products and services.

The self-service option is not new to Lorge. Many companies use this option to assist customers in case they can’t assist them at that time. Self-service has reduced the need for physical assistance. It may include purchasing or checking a product’s price online, a company’s location, operation hours and their contact details. Most companies now have an online agent on their website that you can chat to in case you are experiencing difficulties.

Businesses need to constantly train and improve their employees with relevant skills. Training can also be on new products or customer service techniques. As customers can be difficult at times, it is easy for an employee to become frustrated and lose their patience. Training must include how employees can deal with difficult customers and steps they can take when experiencing customer difficulty. Having a support system makes a job easy for employees. Assessing an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, along with areas of improvement, enables businesses to give individual training and support.

The best way to establish as to whether or not a customer is satisfied is through surveys. Surveys are pesky, but necessary. Companies must ensure they keep their surveys short and to the point with relevant questions. Email marketing is an effective way to inform customers when any improvements have been made to your products. You can also use email marketing to promote special offers. Customer satisfaction reduces negative word of mouth and many businesses are affected by this, when it comes to not addressing customer complaints. Customers often try resolving the matter before writing a bad review on a company’s website. When this happens, companies then want to take responsibility, holding themselves liable for the ‘mistake’.

Customer relationship management software works by:
  • Identifying a company’s goals and its objectives
  • Once that is achieved, the software develops a strategy plan and objective goals
  • It maps out how those goals will be achieved. The customer relationship management software relies on employees to achieve these goals
  • Businesses then have to show customers how valuable they are by providing a satisfactory customer service

The Lorge customer relationship management software is designed to handle large amounts of data. It captures data from every employee. The data from the customer relationship management software covers a broad set of aspects in a business. The software includes a customer’s personal details, sales and business information.

Offering low prices does not necessarily mean a satisfied customer. If customers need to get hold of you, you should always make yourself available. Customer relationship management software from Lorge is a combination of business strategy and technology so that you can achieve your business goals. The customer relationship management software analyses customer and employee interaction and assists businesses in achieving their goal of improving their customer relationships.

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