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Mismanagement of material handling process, order picking, inventory, and space utilisation are some of the challenges that wholesale distribution companies face nowadays. To address these challenges your business needs an integrated wholesale distribution management system that can maximise operational effectiveness and improve business productivity.

A dynamic wholesale distribution management system manages your entire operation faster and more efficiently – from purchasing to warehousing, sales, and financials. It can optimise your inventory, reduce labour costs, improve customer service and better manage your resources – all at the same time.

You will gain greater insight into costs and margins, which results for your business are increased revenues, streamlined sales, improved inventory accuracy, and better business and demand planning.

Warehouse and distribution management software is a cost-effective solution for your business, combining a wide number of platforms into the one integrated program. Effective software also enables you to run your business more efficiently, as it helps you to become organised in all business aspects.

An effective ERP system allows you to actively address many of challenges, including rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories, and fluctuations in the supply chain. You will be able to easily manage the quote-to-cash cycle with a modern distribution management system.

Wholesale & Distribution Software

Some of the many powerful capabilities of the wholesale and distribution software system include

  • Fully integrated distribution functionalities
  • Robust warehouse management system capabilities
  • Global sourcing, importing/exporting and inventory management
  • Pricing, promotion, and contract management
  • Supplier exchange monitoring to ensure quality and compliance
  • Real-time monitoring and inventory optimisation
  • Native mobile apps for sales and purchasing

A modern ERP software system is what your wholesale distribution business needs to manage sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing. With accurate, secure, real-time information available you can streamline your business processes and identify any situations needing attention so you can address them quickly. An effective ERP system provides you with the tools required to optimise and improve your business offerings.