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A common problem in mid and enterprise size businesses like yours is that Human Resource departments spend too much time on administrative tasks and managing compliance at the expense of supporting managers to develop employee potential. Sage Enterprise Management HR, formerly known as Sage X3 People, empowers your HR managers to achieve better efficiency and control over the cost of your workforce by automating processes such as payroll, hiring, on-boarding and retaining talents.

With Sage Enterprise Management HR, you can accurately estimate your workforce costs and performance which enables you to base personnel decisions on actual data. Unlike other solutions that require complex integration, Sage Enterprise Management HR supports all core HR processes within one single solution which integrate with Sage Enterprise Management.

Sage Enterprise Management HR Features

Personnel Administration & Management

  • Pre-on-boarding file and data review
  • Expenses management
  • Full detailed employee record with complete history
  • Profit sharing
  • Standard customisable reports and forms using Business Objects™ Crystal Reports provided throughout the solution, you have the power to tailor the system to match your reporting needs
  • Total payroll and budget forecasting
  • Payroll accounting, payment management
  • Contract and legal documents generation
  • Fulfil unique tracking and reporting requirements with optional fields

Skills & Performance Management

  • Appraisals and interviews management
  • Skills and competencies management
  • Time and activity management
  • Training management


  • Self-service portal for employees and management
  • Mobile access on any device
  • Runs securely in any web browser
  • Customizable and responsive screens
  • User-centered design
  • Analytics, reporting and dashboards