Payroll and HR Software Solutions

Companies achieves more efficiency and control over the cost of their workforce with a powerful, simple and flexible human resource management solutions.

Accessible online and on mobile devices, Payroll and HR Solution gives your organisation more accurate and exhaustive data over your different business

the cost-effective integrated payroll solutions for HR customers, can also be deployed as a flexible, standalone Core HR management system with self-service capabilities for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, services and healthcare industries. Manage payroll processes, expenses, track your employees’ bonus history, hire new employees and make forecasts by company, subsidiary or branch. All this in one single software solution.

Payroll and HR solutions helps you with time-costly HR administration processes and lets you plan personnel and financial decisions strategically.

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Payroll and HR Products

We are certified to provide you with support on a variety of Payroll and HR related products, such as:

Sage Business
Cloud Payroll

Sage Business Cloud Payroll is an intuitive online payroll product for start-ups and small business. It provides businesses with powerful, simple and flexible ways to pay employees and stay compliant with legislation.

Sage Business Cloud
Payroll Professional

This intuitive HR & Payroll software solution in the cloud will transform the way you connect with your workforce, enabling a highly productive environment that is secure and 100% legislatively compliant.

Sage 300 People HR, Payroll &
ESS Software

A powerful, highly customisable solution that takes care of HR, payroll and Employee Self-Service, while delivering exceptional business efficiency – giving you more time to take care of business.

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