NFI museum group embraces technology with new accounting software system

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[Johannesburg, 16 July 2003] The Northern Flagship Institution, which includes three national museums – the Transvaal Museum, the South African National Museum of Military History and the National Cultural History Museum – as well as five major historical and cultural satellite museums, is anything but historical in its approach to technology.

In keeping with its use of Internet technology and its comprehensive website, the NFI has upgraded and converted its back office financial system to the latest version of the ACCPAC Advantage Series accounting software, the solution being managed and implemented by Softline Lorge, the national and international ACCPAC accounting software reseller and solutions provider.

The new system is Windows-based and centralises financial and accounting reporting for the NFI with links to the eight member museums. Lorge director Carlien Thomson said the upgrade contract was won on open tender and the project had to be completed within a tight deadline.

“The NFI required the system to be implemented and fully operational before the commencement of its new financial year. The software includes a purchase order system for the control of expenses and a fixed assets program that enables the NFI to keep track of the many valuable assets contained in the various museums,” Thomson added.

A special electronic funds transfer (EFT) program from Acctivity, a division of Lorge that produces specialist enterprise software and integrated solutions for ACCPAC, was also installed.

All of the historical NFI data from the previous accounting system had to be converted into the new ACCPAC version, an intensive exercise carried out by Lorge software programmers. At the same time, NFI personnel were trained in the use of the new ACCPAC Advantage Series system.

“With our financial year-end looming, it was important for us to ensure that the new system was implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible with complete and accurate conversion of historical financial data,” said NFI Acting CEO Mr Boas Seruwe. “The new system will enable us to standardise accounts for easy consolidation, and we expect improvements in security, control of our assets and productivity.”

Seruwe added that the overall objective of the NFI is the establishment of a complete, multi-disciplinary range of museums and heritage services for the benefit of the peoples of South Africa and neighbouring regions, as well as the development of values and synergies between the diverse assets and skills in the constituent museums.

The other museums in the NFI group are the Kruger Museum, the Pioneer Museum, the Sammy Marks Museum, the Tswaing Crater Museum and the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum.

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