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Lorge software has transformed many businesses. We support all our clients according to their needs, providing them with innovative and professional business solutions. We provide exceptional service and continuously improve our products and services. We offer a variety of software solutions which are all fully integrated with what a specific business offers.

Lorge provides software in financial and business implementation which are suitable for any business. Our software assists both small and medium businesses that are developed within the Sage framework.

  • The software displays an accurate overview of a business
  • Assists in controlling finances
  • Controls customer and employee relationships
  • Stores data

Imagine knowing specifically what your customers need and being able to deliver just that. Be in control of your business reports and be able to manipulate them to your advantage. Lorge has 30 years’ experience with highly skilled employees. We have been a service provider to over 250 companies that have successfully grown just by using our software.

Lorge provides solutions that give every company a competitive edge. We have proven consistency and determination to assist businesses.

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