Lorge wins R200 000 software integration contract from KDM

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KDM Healthcare Group and its subsidiary pharmaceutical dispensing company KDM Dispensaries placed a R200 000 order with ACCPAC financial software reseller and solutions provider Lorge to, among other things, integrate a Flexgen stock management software system into the group`s ACCPAC for Windows 5.1 back office accounting system.

The implementation is the first phase of a two-phase ACCPAC integration programme being undertaken by KDM Healthcare Group. It serves a central pharmaceutical store at Klerksdorp and a group of four KDM Dispensaries outlets that operate in the area and draw their pharmaceutical stocks from the central store.

“The Flexgen stock management software also controlled the stock creditors for KDM,” said Lorge account manager Eugene Olivier. “While it made sense to maintain stock control with Flexgen as pharmaceutical dispensing is a highly specialised field governed by a number of legislative requirements, there were major benefits to be achieved by integrating the system into ACCPAC to improve the management of stock creditors.”

Lorge used its locally developed Integration Manager software to integrate a daily flat file containing creditor information in the form of goods receipt vouchers, into ACCPAC. This enables KDM to generate an ACCPAC accounts payable invoice batch that can be sent to the accounts department, verified and posted.

“KDM now has the best of both worlds with dedicated Flexgen pharmaceutical stock control software that is able to integrate all accounting-related information into ACCPAC. The integration has improved KDM`s control over creditors, presenting detailed information, accurate payment runs and streamlined processes.”

Olivier added the integrated system also uses electronic funds transfer (EFT) technology to ensure that credit limits are never exceeded. “This is important because payment timing is crucial when stock is purchased directly from the major pharmaceutical companies that strictly control credit limits.”

The second phase will involve the integration of KDM`s medical aid scheme software into ACCPAC.

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