As you fight to achieve your business goals, have you found that because of the way your business and the marketplace are constantly evolving, you need a more capable business management solution? One that will allow you to position yourself more competitively and give your business an edge over others in your industry? Should you choose a system similar to what you’re currently using, or should you choose a more modern, technologically advanced ERP system that’s cloud based, your competitors are already leveraging current technology like Acumatica, making them one step ahead of your organisation.

Lorge is a proud and trusted Acumatica partner allowing us to offer you the ultimate ERP solution provided by Acumatica’s cloud ERP, encompassing no upfront infrastructure costs, reduced IT support, eliminated software licensing, and virtually no maintenance and support costs.

Find out how our partnership with Acumatica offers you a cloud ERP solution that provides strategic operating advantages for your cloud enterprise resource planning.

Ultimate business flexibility

Acumatica delivers a fully-integrated, web-based set of applications that use a centralised database, which allows your users to access any of their ERP applications, such as financial, project accounting, distribution, and customer management, with just a web browser.

Leveraging a flexible and unified infrastructure allows you to approach the market exactly as you see fit. In essence, your operations are only limited by how you permit application access, which becomes increasingly important as your company’s customer base and supply chain evolve. Furthermore, you don’t have to implement a new infrastructure each time your business expands.

Improved data security

Acumatica provides continuous data backups and a complete disaster recovery plan. Better data security also comes with having a unified technology stack. Because Acumatica applications are fully unified, you can grant role-based access to users across Acumatica, guaranteeing further data security.

Faster access to application innovations

Acumatica enhances application functionality, integrating with a broader set of applications. With Acumatica, you will have instant access to your ERP data as you can utilise public cloud SaaS, private cloud PCS or PCP, and on-premises PCS or PCP.

Organisations using cloud ERP need to do nothing to gain the new capabilities as Acumatica manages everything in conjunction with Lorge. Having Acumatica as your cloud ERP system, your business will have better visibility and management of its data, without having to spend valuable time and resources.

Reliable compliance

Customers in today’s marketplace are very discriminating about the quality of the products they buy, leading other industries to adopt standards and regulations to protect the public and achieve customer confidence. Acumatica, as a cloud-based ERP, offers more rapid deployment of any program changes required to fully comply with new standards and regulations as they’re issued. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can quickly respond to changes and avoid the negative consequences of non-compliance.

Collaboration and integration

Integrating with third-party applications in the same or on a different cloud is also becoming more efficient, and Acumatica Cloud ERP is no exception. Furthermore, because its data is available in real time, collaboration among users is easy. Customers and business partners can see relevant information on demand, giving your business the agility necessary to take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise have been unavailable to you.

Adapted to an organisation’s needs

Lorge helps you customise Acumatica to meet your business and industry demands by implementing the modules you need and allowing you to choose between implementation options. In doing so, your organisation will be able to manage your business resources more efficiently and strategically as you will have resource planning that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

Business intelligence

Real time, integrated data facilitates offer better forecasting, and with Acumatica and Lorge, the latest reports are always accessible. The flexibility introduced by personalised dashboards, customised views, and tailored reports allow for faster and more informed decision making. Reports can be generated in various formats, allowing you to drill down highly detailed data, creating notifications triggered by events and more.

Mobile access and versatility of devices

You and your employees can access Acumatica with any device that can browse the internet, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Employees can access information securely and work from wherever they are because your ERP data is available anywhere, anytime.

Low IT maintenance

Acumatica through Lorge is easy to implement and use. Upgrades are transparent to users and the system is always ready. In addition, Acumatica doesn’t require employing in-house IT staff because being on the cloud gives you access to better IT infrastructure which translates into better performance and 24/7 IT support. Furthermore, your data is more secure with highly encrypted data transfers, lowering the risk of data theft.

Money savings and affordability

You only have to invest in what you need at the time while still being able to expand when necessary. As you have flexibility and choice in a single, comprehensive solution to manage your entire business efficiently, you will essentially save money as there will be less manpower involved in managing your ERP as the system assists with this automatically.

Make Lorge your trusted Acumatica partner

Now that you know the benefits of using Acumatica for your enterprise resource planning, it is time to implement its cloud-and browser-based ERP system that will adapt to the needs of your growing business, economically and securely.

Put Lorge and Acumatica to the test