Lorge Consulting Services Celebrates 35-Years of Excellence

Much like a fine wine, every good thing takes a bit of time and may have to undergo certain arduous processes to attain perfection – and the same can be said of any established business. Founded in 1986, a pioneering and proudly South African company – it is with incredible pride and joy that Lorge Consulting Services celebrates three and a half decades of industry and service excellence.


This incredible 35-year journey and milestone achievement marks an iconic symbol of hope, in otherwise dark and treacherous times for many business owners, employees as well as the business management (BM) and intelligence (BI) sectors as a whole.

While the globe battles a virus of mammoth proportions, there also emerges a unique opportunity to witness solidarity and the tenacity of the human spirit through undying, collective and collaborative efforts. While all frontline personnel are applauded, society is also recognising the role – small or large – that each individual or entity plays in the fight against Covid-19.

As a business that is directly and indirectly responsible for business management systems that influence, connect and empower hundreds of thousands of employees and even more end users on a national and multi-national level, Lorge embraces its role as an economic contributor. Lorge’s bouquet of leading Sage products and related solutions has evolved over the years to meet the most current and cornerstone needs of small to medium and large enterprises.

An Incredible Journey

Over the past 35 years, the company has facilitated over 10,000 implementations and enabled over 2000 businesses to optimise their systems, streamline expenditure, enhance revenue, make more informed decisions, expand operations, compete more effectively, adapt and evolve – and this mission continues pre and post-covid-19.

More currently, Lorge’s restructured team of industry professionals deliver solutions (planning/consultation, implementation, support/aftercare) that enable the optimised and effective execution of key functions for their valued clients. This includes serving a broad spectrum of motivated customers that they have had the opportunity and privilege of working with – some as recent as 2020/2021, many have been clients for more than 5 to 10 years and notwithstanding long-standing clients since the 1980’s and 1990’s in SA, Africa and beyond.

From standalone services dealing with Payroll, Financial Management and Reporting systems, to offering comprehensive solutions for companies in highly competitive sectors facing new and herculean challenges, Lorge’s team of experts proudly boast a 100% success rate in all implementations based on post-installation tests and reviews. This has not been without its challenges, whether standard or atypical.

Overcoming the Odds

Some of the hurdles overcome over the years have included operational, logistic and administrative challenges faced by all growing businesses. More specific to the business management/business digitisation/intelligence industry Lorge has persevered to remain true to its vision – to be the implementer of choice when it comes to delivering robust digital business management solutions.

This has meant being able to provide solutions that carefully balance tailoring with uniformity and industry standards; timeless functionality with flexibility; independence together with seamless integration capability across platforms, user groups and more.

“We are incredibly proud of our elite workforce, including new blood in conjunction with longstanding members of management and operations – without whom we would not be able to deliver premium solutions year on year – for 35 years, with no intention of dropping gear,” said Lorge CFO and Director, Carlien Thomson.

Contributing to Socio-Economic Development

While Lorge is truly grateful for industry recognition, winning an array of Sage Premium Partner and Industry Awards over the years, the organisation on a broader level pursues its entrenched purpose in the indirect – albeit vital – socio-economic impact it exerts. This is achieved through the delivery of pivotal services that foster the strategic empowerment and key development of many GDP contributing entities, by enhancing their day-to-day functioning and core engagement with their staff, clients and stakeholders.

As responsible stewards of a legacy enterprise, Lorge also seeks to ensure that staff livelihoods are always maintained and services delivery is not compromised in the process of navigating challenges, be they covid, recession-related or otherwise. This outlook is intended to ensure company continuity that is built on impact rather than survival.

Lorge’s rich human resource pool, acquired knowledgebase and years of experience equips the company to facilitate the above objectives within localised, multi-locational or even multi-national geographic settings, while taking into account a number of static and ever-evolving regulatory, reporting, financial and operating needs that businesses hinge on in today’s innovative and fast-paced marketplace.

Commitment to Ongoing Progress

35 years in the making, the organisation remains a work in progress, according to CFO Carlien Thomson. The company and its management remain grounded in the understanding that the flame of innovative development is ceaseless and must continue to be fuelled by ongoing drive and determination – 2021 and beyond.

Lorge’s CEO, Neville Govender shared his thoughts while reflecting on the company’s history, ethos and future outlook. “Reaching 35 years of trading is a significant milestone for us as a business. No business could have reached this milestone without challenges and competition. Lorge has always overcome these obstacles by functioning as a cohesive team, ensuring no compromise on the quality of service delivery and by maintaining a customer-first approach.

As the global transition from digital to virtual business emerges, we are cognisant of the new rules of engagement and have positioned ourselves to align with the transformation – delivering real solutions to real business challenges.”

Relationships and trust are significant contributors in the customer decision-making journey, whilst transactional and traditional selling is a thing of the past. We journey with our customers to ensure we deliver value that ultimately contributes to their success. This remains at the core of our business and whilst we are adapting to new technologies in a digitally transforming world – our commitment remains the same to our customers, new and old.”

We are at an exciting point in time with new innovative technologies and solutions on the horizon. It is important to remain innovative as organisations battle it out to stay ahead of the competitors. The Covid crisis has broken down many barriers-to-change, which has presented an opportunity for Lorge to pivot. We endeavour to remain trusted advisors to our customers – we don’t claim to know all the answers, but our partnership approach with our customers guarantees that we can find the best solutions for them to remain competitive and on the cutting edge of their industries.”

Closing Thoughts

Lorge continues to make strides and expand its global footprint most recently into the Middle East, Americas and other parts of Africa, further entrenching its impeccable reputation as an international industry leader. However, rather than focusing on achievements, the company chooses to concentrate on how to better its services.

Jurgens Snyman, Director at Lorge, added that “We cannot afford ourselves the time to celebrate successes, but prefer to rather reflect on where we could have done better and ensure we don’t repeat mistakes of the past. We want to continue delivering services for the next 35 years, and we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent or entitled, especially in the current market conditions. We always strive to deliver faultless, professional and ethical service, and this will remain the cornerstone of our business going forward.”

Says Gerhard Hartman, Vice President: Medium Business, Sage Africa & Middle East: “Sage is proud to have walked alongside Lorge for over 20 years on this journey and congratulates the team on reaching this amazing milestone. We’d also like to thank Lorge for working with Sage to deliver outstanding levels of customer success over the years. We wish Lorge all the very best for the next 35 years.”

It is in this vein and on the backdrop of this framework that Lorge has managed to establish a thriving enterprise, with incredible clients – and one supported by a dynamic, diverse, knowledgeable and passionate team!

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