How we run our medium to large business management

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Medium to large business management is key when dealing with a corporate entity, whether as an owner, manager, or employee, ensuring your brand has the right software is integral when it comes to developing a successful timeline moving forward. With the right understanding and development tools on your side, you can be sure that your medium to large business has all the components needed to take every opportunity within the industry.

The ability to access and assess your business from anywhere is a growing need in this fast-paced, digitally driven world. Gaining valuable insight into your business gives you the tools and data you need to fully embrace your market and the possibilities of your brand.

Sage 300 is an award-winning business management solution built on world-class platform architecture. It provides the foundation for an integrated suite of end-to-end business management applications, delivering high performance, advanced functionality, and an unmatched freedom of choice. What this means is that as the business owner, you can fully harness and delve into your business when you need to. Whether in the office or out of the country, you can view and adjust processes where needed, ensuring that your business can always run smoothly. And with an integrated system, you can view the changes as you make them, ensuring the process changes top to bottom.

Whether dealing with finances, stock, projects, payments, or archived work, this easy to use system gives you all the data at your fingertips, allowing you complete control and an overall view of your business entity.

You can be rest assured that this is not just another management app. This is an all-in-one business solution for you. Applicable in a variety of business models and industries, this can be adjusted as needed to include what you and the client needs from the system. From accounting and comprehensive finance applications that allow you to track spend income and quotes, you can be on top of payments and ensure that no matter where you are, you can rest easy knowing your finances are on track.

With a full understanding of business needs, this is a system that can provide you with errors, discrepancies, and possible mistakes, as well as show you when and where your money is going. With a simple layout and display process, you can be sure that you will be able to find detailed, important data that can assist you in the streamlining of your business.

With an international reach, Sage 300 allows you to control and access your data from anywhere in the world. The multi-company feature allows for separate data, reporting on a number of entities, all compiled in one simple to use system offering that gives you quick access to any relevant information present on the system.

You will have integration across borders and boundaries, which is a huge advantage for clients who consistently travel or have business dealings across multiple countries. This is ideal when managing businesses dealing with a range of different currencies as well as a range of different languages. This system compares and analyses without hindrance due to different language or currency barriers.

This premium system allows you to optimise your services, projects, and manufacturing.  Sage 300 gives clients a management program that can perfectly demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing areas of improvement. Lorge simplifies business so that you can fully comprehend all aspects of your operation. From service logistics, ensuring workload, available employees, administration accuracy, and project and manufacturing management, you will have the power to optimise your entire business offering.

Whether sales and promotions, campaigns, or simply monitoring day-to-day activity, Sage 300 lets you put together a complete picture of your business offering. Drawing from a few data sets, this allows you as a business owner to have a clearer picture of your brand’s capabilities.

With elements coming together to form an integrated view of the business, the Sage 300 system allows you as the business owner to make more effective, efficient, and informed decisions about your services. With information compiled, surrounding collaboration and decision making, this system can pinpoint areas of weakness and needed improvement. Highlighting where potential threats or mishaps may occur, providing the needed data to better analyse your decisions. This information gives you what you need to know in order to make the right moves for your brand.

As a complete business management tool, this innovative offering from Lorge allows you to have a complete overview of your business, inside and out. Not only dealing with financial matters, but also the intricacies of business management. This can offer you valuable insight into your business that may have been previously overlooked.

Sage 300 is a tool used to harness every part of your business offering, this can also pinpoint areas of overspend and monetary loss. As a system driven by cost-effective practices, the weight difference in cost vs. spend is a huge element in this design. Urging cost-effective operations, distribution, and supply chain management, this is aimed at reducing your costs while increasing your gain. This shows the user where exactly they are losing money and where they could adjust their systems to increase profits. With an inclusive view of your business, showing the processes from start to finish, this management tool can emphasise the areas you need to focus on within your corporate entity.

From operations to supply chain, there are many aspects that could cause a hindrance along the way. As an integrated, professional system to use, this Sage 300 tool has proven reliable time and time again. Detailing the flow of your company’s operational elements in full, this system can help you govern inventory control when dealing with stock and retail needs, ensuring you have orders in place for needed items. With a fully comprehensive system at your fingertips, you can control purchasing requisition, both on ordering and receiving, allowing you to have all the information regarding your products and services, completely customisable to your needs, boasting unique tracking and reporting elements.

With over 30 years of supporting businesses, Sage 300 has proven to be a reliable system for business management. With a full understanding of the needs of the business world, this is a tool that can ensure you harness the full power of your original brand. From financial areas to stock management, client feedback, and operations insight, this premium system lets you have complete control over your business.

In today’s ever changing business world, companies need to extract the most possible value from their software. Lorge understands the dynamics and the need for reliable automated processing within the business environment. Sage 300 will allow you to operate with precise, seamless, and refined integration, across a full spectrum of business processes. With an integrated system that you can trust, this highlights areas of strength and weakness, allowing you to adjust your business for the best possible outcome.

Geared at building strong, successful businesses across the globe, trust in the power of Lorge and Sage 300.