How to Minimise Admin Work for Your Employees

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How much time did you spend yesterday on doing admin work? Why should we care about paper besides it just being expensive? Did you know you can use business software from Lorge to minimise admin work? It’s tiring when documents constantly go missing because they have been misplaced. This leads to employees spending more time looking for misplaced documents instead of continuing with their work and being productive. If you rely on paper for your projects, making the decision to move from paper to business software can be daunting.

Every business spends money to make money, but they should think of effective ways to cut costs. Take a look at where and what you spend your money on. Cutting costs in a business doesn’t mean taking away your employee’s privileges, but rather implementing measures that will increase your business profits while spending less on resources. Cutting costs also means improving your customer service by improving your communication methods. Get your employees involved, allow them to suggest ideas on what type of tabs they want installed on the software, such as time sheets and completed job details with the date. The sheets can be uploaded once every project is completed and approved.

Eliminate your tedious admin tasks, everything you need is a button away with Lorge’s business software and solutions. All of this can be entered and completed on an online sheet. The sheet will automatically record the time, date and name of the employee who accessed and updated it. This can save hours that your employees spend doing this every week on paper and increase productivity.

You can constantly update your clients via email or give them login details to the system software. This will enable them to check their project’s status online. This means that your business will have a proactive service model, instead of doing weekly call updates with a client. Reducing costs is a challenge in the current business environment, the mandate to reduce costs will open up new opportunities that may not have been available in the past. You may experience minor issues of employees not being keen with the new system software. A lot of work would need to be done, some documents may even get lost in the process. Once you start working online, all of your data and documents will be safely stored and tracked.

The quest to reduce admin costs means moving to more online platforms. Many business owners agree that automating functions can minimise traditionally labour-driven expenses. Clients should expect a certain degree of self-service. The software system will deliver data in a more tailored and customised user-friendly way. Moving forward, you will see the success of online platforms.

Although this software may seem like it would crash due to high traffic flow, on the contrary, it will still operate fast and as effectively. Employees will have access to the software anywhere they have internet and computer access. They can even see the project’s due dates and when the project was submitted. Automation requires the ability to figure technology out. Going paperless can be intimidating, but you can limit your paper usage per month. This will be challenging, but eventually, they will automatically stop using paper at a later stage. This also means improving computer resources and spending more money on internet connections.

Every employee will have access to the software and their directorate’s documents. They will need a username and password to access the system. This is to ensure that any information that has been tampered with can be located to the exact person who did it. The data on the system will either be active documents or archived data.

Once you switch to digital, you’ll realise how productivity will increase your sales and save you money. You can monitor and measure if the results are effective for your business, if you are dissatisfied, Lorge will gladly assist in recommending other software solutions.

How Lorge can help minimise admin work and enhance production with our business solutions:
  • Group colleagues: Employees that work on a certain project together can be grouped according to their categories and roles they play. This will assist in monitoring if employees are working on the project and track how far the project is from being completed.
  • Database of records: Documents can be saved in this database for any employee who has a right to access them. Employees can even download leave forms, record their overtime, and retrieve old documents.
  • Personal information: This will mostly be useful for the HR department as they’ll have a system that enables them to keep record of every employee from their name, age, payroll, bank account, job title, etc. When employees have a query, they’ll be able to assist them easily by looking into the database for the information.
  • Title: All of the documents are saved with a title that is aligned with what the document entails. This makes it easy to search and retrieve the documents. If you forget to save it in a folder, you can easily search the title of the document and locate it.

These features are vital for a company’s success as they increase both efficiency and convenience. However, planning, strategising and monitoring your plan is essential for long-term success. If you are worried that the extra expenses will be too costly, at the end of each month, compare your expenses and stick to a fixed budget. Continue doing this until you have an adequate control on your spending limits.

Having a team that supports you and your business decisions will make your migration to online technology even more effective. Lorge is qualified to support and train your company as you transition to software automation. Our certified lecturers apply a hands on approach. They ensure that every employee in your business has the right knowledge and is equipped with the skills to operate the software.

Lorge has over 30 years of business experience. We understand business operations and solutions. We recommend that you use our ERP software as it is a user friendly software that can be used on any device. This means you will have access to the software without missing any information and interfering with other device networks. Lorge does not charge the software per head, we charge a fixed cost for a license.

We want to assist you in operating a lucrative and successful business. Our software offers smooth workflow in any workplace, irrespective of the industry. You don’t have to be an IT specialist or programmer to use the business software, you just have to possess basic computer literacy skills.