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Benefits of Lorge doing the assessment

Lorge has a total staff complement of 30 of which more than 2/3 are focused on implementation and support services. Our consultants are mostly B.Com / B.Compt graduates, highly skilled and product certified in their respective ERP product field. Lorge is committed to empowering and developing competent people with the necessary potential required to expand their careers and to become valuable participants within the business that they work.

Consider the following
  • During this period of time a business system which has been selected is implemented in our client’s business
  • A specific set of skills is required to enable Lorge to assist our client through this transition from their old system to the selected new business system
  • These competencies are both available and created via Lorge’s existing in-house training academy
  • Lorge has the ability to train and expose people to the selected mid-market product and to develop the competencies to implement the product
  • Lorge is already implementing this process in-house, in line with our stated objectives to develop our people to be utilised as services consultants in our business

We can do this for any client, as a component of the project, using their people, at no extra cost

  • Lorge is able to create an optional component to any client implementation that transfers our skills to their people
  • Lorge would include selected candidates from our client’s business to become Task Force members of the project

Ultimately our client’s business would have more business system independence post implementation, as Lorge would have actively assisted in the skills transfer to the selected Task Force members, who remain within the business after the project.

This would entail

  • Full time secondment to the project team for the duration of the implementation
  • Initial Task Force training to gain competence in both
  • Lorge’s methodology which will be used to undertake the project
  • The selected product to be implemented
  • Project experience from full time involvement in the project itself, through all the phases and tasks outlined in Lorge’s methodology

Tell us about your company and let us introduce a better way to manage your entire business. Enjoy a simpler, faster and more flexible business management solution, giving you the insight you need to drive your business, and the tools to grow it effortlessly.

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