3 ways to transform your construction business

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As a construction business, you should always be looking for innovative ways to boost your company’s success. With competition and regulations always increasing the need to increase your margins and tighten your project is essential.

Using a cloud construction software solution is a modern way to transform your construction business. With real-time data, remote access and streamlined processes, transformation is virtually guaranteed with a state-of-the-art ERP system.

1.   Remote, real-time access to your data

Remote access is a superpower that construction companies need more than ever before. With an on-premise software system, workers need to manually enter data twice – once in the field and then again in the office.

This is a time-consuming process and also opens your business to errors associated with manual data entry. With a modern cloud-based ERP system, your workers save time by simply entering their data on their mobile devices that is automatically synced with the cloud software.

Remote access supports construction businesses with several locations, as field workers have on-the-go access to real-time data and insights. If any issues arise, cloud-based construction software means your employees are all updated with real-time access to better manage the project. This also enables collaborative work that reduces project delays and increases customer satisfaction.

2.   Reduce your costs

As you are avoiding double data entries, you avoid any cost associated with correcting these errors. The real-time nature of an ERP system and access of multiple users to store information in one central location means that there are no unexpected costs due to a lack of communication, or important files being lost or your sensitive information being stored on various computers.

Although a modern ERP system may seem like a large initial investment, it will ultimately reduce your costs in the long term. Cloud-based software is generally more affordable than on-premise construction software as your business can lease the resources monthly rather than an outright purchase. Legacy systems also require regular maintenance that needs to be on-premise. With cloud-based technology, your updates are automatically taken care of.

Your new ERP system can also track all costs associated with material, labour, overhead, and more so you can accurately estimate the cost of your construction project. All processes and relevant data are tracked and captured in real-time across the entire system, enabling flexibility and adaptability for your business based on accurate reporting. The ERP allows your business to analyse any variance in standard versus actual cost, so you are able to better understand how the costs differ, and in turn make an executive decision relating to your financial strategies.

3.   Better Management

Managing customers and your project at the same time can be a difficult thing to do. This is no longer the case with Project Management (PM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules that can be integrated into your new ERP system. In fact, these tools will encourage the growth and success of your business.

PM modules create comprehensive schedules, daily logs and documentation that allow your construction business to capitalise on opportunities. Your ERP system will give you a complete view of the project details. From this, you can provide updates to the management team with any changes from the customer or the field that allow you to complete work ahead of schedule or avoid some costs that were included in your original bid. Ultimately, real-time data gives you a bird’s eye view of your project at every stage so that you can make real-time strategic decisions.

With a CRM module you will be able to keep your customers satisfied by quickly reviewing project status, contracts, materials, changes, and warranty details. Growing your relationship with your customers is the very best way to grow your business. With the CRM functionality of a cloud-based ERP system, you will be able to keep your customers in the loop from your office or from the field. Through better management of your customer relationship, you create happy and loyal customers that will generate further leads and bolster your reputation.

In today’s business world, your business needs to extract optimal value from your software. Lorge keenly understands the dynamics of automated processing and how it can transform your construction business. Enjoy a simpler, faster and more flexible business management solution today.